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How to choose bookshelf in 2022 - Tribesigns

How to choose bookshelf in 2022

Nowadays, many people like to read books, especially many literary and artistic youths who have no other hobbies, only reading and buying books. With more and more books, many people will need a corner bookshelf at this time. Combining my buying experience, combining recommendations from people around me, and referring to information on the Internet, I compiled this guide to choosing a wall bookshelf. I hope to see You can gain something for the article, and choose your favorite bookshelf. This article will tell you more about wooden bookshelf from the following four aspects.

How to choose the bookshelf that suits you

Types and important characteristics of bookshelves

Three best bookshelves recommended for you

People also ask these questions

How to choose the bookshelf that suits you

What kind of wall bookshelf to choose depends on the budget, scene, and objects of use, and it is determined according to personal preferences.

1. Is your bookshelf in a corner or a place with plenty of space?

If your home only has a half-meter wide corner, then choose a corner bookcase or a rotating bookcase or a slender bookcase.

If your modern bookshelf should be placed in a place with sufficient space such as the living room, study, etc., choose the height and width of the space.


corner bookshelf

2. Does your best bookcases 2021 only store books or other personal items besides books.

If you only put books, choose open ones that are easy to get.

If you still put stationery, ornaments and other sundries, or have items that need to be hidden, it is recommended to choose drawers or cabinets, which can satisfy both openness and closeness.

3. Are you diligent enough?

If you are very diligent and want to wipe the dust when you see it, buy an open corner bookshelf. If you are lazy, the types of bookshelf corners are the most annoying, and you can't clean them in time, then choose a cabinet with a cabinet to effectively prevent dust and reduce labor.

4. Should you buy your bookshelf for your children, or buy it yourself.

If you buy it for your child, you should choose environmentally friendly plates, a stable frame, and a low-height bookshelf.

If you buy it for adults, focus on bookshelves that are strong and durable.

Types and important characteristics of bookshelves

According to material

Common bookshelves can be divided into solid wood, bamboo, wood-based panels, steel, and plastics according to their materials.

The solid wood has strong load-bearing capacity, sturdiness and durability, and does not choose the scene, it has its own natural wind wherever it is placed. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and requires relatively high manufacturing process.

Bamboo wood is durable, simple and beautiful, does not deform, and is cheap. But it is not so stable, and it is easy to mold over a long period of time.

Artificial board, due to its low price, is becoming more and more common in the furniture manufacturing industry, and the commonly used ones are density board and particle board. MDF is similar to natural wood, with a flat surface, easy to paste various wood grain veneers, and easy to carve and shape. It is a relatively ideal man-made board. However, it contains high formaldehyde and will run nails. Particleboard is not easy to deform, the amount of glue in the production process is small, the content of formaldehyde is low, it is more environmentally friendly, and it can be nailed repeatedly, which is also very common in the furniture industry. But its quality is very heavy, and it has relatively high requirements on the edge banding process.


small bookshelf

Steel, the most textured, strong load-bearing, strong and durable. But the bookshelf will be cumbersome and not suitable for frequent moving.

Plastic has the advantage of being cheap and light, but it is not strong, easy to deform, and its load-bearing ability is not high.

There is also a round tube and non-woven fabric, which is not recommended. I bought it cheaply at the time, but after I didn't use it for a long time, I found that the non-woven fabric became very brittle, and it fell off with a light pull. The round tube is also very tasteless, and it is not good for load-bearing. It is difficult to install, and even more difficult to remove.

According to whether it is closed

According to whether it is closed or not, it can be divided into open type and semi-open type.

Open bookshelves have no enclosed space; semi-open bookshelves have drawers or cabinet doors to ensure privacy.

According to the shape 

At present, according to the shape of best bookcases 2022, what I know can be divided into rotating bookshelves, corner bookshelves, tree bookshelves, bookshelves or bookcases.

Rotating bookshelf. It can rotate 360 degrees as a whole, has a small footprint, is easy to use, and has high efficiency. But if you put too many books, you can't turn it, or it's not easy to turn it.

Corner bookshelf. The space utilization is large, and it can be placed in any corner. It has a curvature and rounded corners, which can adapt to various home styles. Both practicality and decoration. But the volume is relatively small and can't hold many books.

Tree-shaped bookshelf. It has a sense of creativity and design, and it occupies a small area and has a large capacity. The disadvantage is that the bearing capacity and stability are not optimistic. Many friends around me complain that it is not easy to install.

According to style

Chinese style, retro and elegant.

American country style, spacious and comfortable, simple and nostalgic, casual and natural.

Japanese and Korean style, simple and elegant, giving people a comfortable and warm feeling.

There are many European styles, including Nordic, Italian, etc. The most popular is the Nordic style. The overall characteristic is simple and smooth lines, simple and bright colors, and a large number of light-colored woods, trying to create a clean and natural feeling.

Tribesigns Industrial Large 5-Tier Bookshelves for Display and Storage


Soild Construction: Constructed with durable environmentally E1 particleboard and practical powder-coated steel frame to ensure sturdy and durable. Reinforced X-bracing metal on the back providing extra stability. Each board can hold up to 75 lb.

Multi-purpose: This standing shelf is not only a large bookshelf, it also can be used as a room divider, display shelf, and storage shelf. It is carefully crafted to fit all spaces, whether it’s an office, living room, bedroom, study room, etc.

white bookshelf

Modern & Simple Style: Simple lines and modern design create a relaxed and stylish aesthetic that enough to complement any style of home decoration. Lend a touch of modern style with a rustic twist to any room with this eye-catching bookcase and meet your expectations in functionality and aesthetics!

Large Stroage Space: Measured 70.86" x 12.59" x69.68". With 14-tier shelves, this bookcase offer a generous amount of space for storage and display. It's not only just for holding books, but also perfect for placing framed family photos, favorite ornaments, and putting your potted plants on display.

Current price: $349.99

Tribesigns 12 Shelves Bookshelf, Industrial Ladder Corner Bookshelf


Small office and home office choice:Ideal choice for Startups, home office, apartments, college dorm rooms and other space with limit areas. This modern bookshelf provides a stylish, modern design for small spaces in a simple, modular style.

9 cubes strorage and space-saving: The ladder corner bookcase respects your valuable floor space while offering level after level of convenient open-front storage in a vintage rustic look. Hosting your books, binders, curious and favorite framed pictures of friends and family.

black bookshelf

Stepped design and vintage style: The nine cubes of the multi-height etagere bookcase build up from right to left creating an eye-catching, staircase-style profile, metal frame and wood grain form a retro style, that's certain to complement any contemporary décor.

Current price: $239.99

Tribesigns Triple Wide 6-Shelf Bookshelves

Solid construction, large weight capacity: The bookcase rack is crafted of a heavy duty metal frame combined with high-grade black particle board which guarantees durability and stability, allowing for each shelf can accommodate up to 60 lb.

Round edge and clean design: Combine with three parts,half-circle designs on both side protects you and your family from getting scratched, while its clean lines and open design ensure it won't overwhelm an existing arrangement.

tall bookshelf

Modern style 6-tier bookshelf: Contemporary style blends well with any decor. 6 shelf design provides ample storage room and display space for books, trophy, framed photos, CDs in your home or office deco.

Large storage space: Wide space for showcase 70” Hx 12" Dx 62” W, 6 spacious shelves bookcase with 62 inches length made it an ideal organization for all of your storage and display needs.


People also ask these questions

Is there a difference between bookcase and bookshelf?

A  leaning bookshelf is a close-sided unit that literally encases books and is designed to sit on the floor, while a bookshelf does not have encased ends and is usually designed to hang on a wall. ... Because they're large, heavy pieces of furniture, most freestanding bookcases are fairly narrow.

How tall should bookshelves be in living room?

In that case, desktop bookshelf that are 72 to 80 inches tall will make them most functional.

What kind of paint do you use on a bookshelf?

Acrylic is a great paint to use for a best bookshelf 2022. Latex paints, which are commonly used for walls, can sometimes remain tacky, which isn't good for putting books on. Stir your paint to make sure it's all a consistent color and test it on some scrap wood.

What is the best height for shelves?

How High Should I Hang My Shelf or Shelves? Like artwork, shelves should be hung at about eye level or about 4 to 5 feet from the floor. If you're hanging the shelf above furniture, measure about 10 inches from the top of the desk or couch.

How do you dress a bookcase?

Lean artwork along the back of the shelves, and anchor them with books or heavier objects. To decorate the cheap bookshelves, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. Bulky vases or decorative plates can hide their heft behind small frames without losing their uniqueness.

What do you put on the bottom shelf of a bookcase?

The easiest way to style your lower shelves is with storage containers, like bins, baskets, crates, or lidded boxes. Using storage containers on the bottom shelf gives you hidden storage and creates visual weight on that bottom shelf to anchor your bookcase.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the tall bookcase, I hope it can help you.



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