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Minimalist, Retro furniture, all in Tribesigns - Tribesigns

Minimalist, Retro furniture, all in Tribesigns

When it comes to home furnishing brands, I believe everyone’s first reaction must be IKEA. Minimalist style is popular all over the world, and this home furnishing brand is representative of Nordic minimalism style, letting it go and become a sought-after object. But every time I visit this store, the key is that there are still a lot of people. Every time I visit IKEA, I feel like visiting the vegetable market. In fact, in addition to this one, there are also many minimalist home furnishing brands. If you know them, it will greatly reduce the number of times you visit IKEA.

Although these brands do not have large stores like IKEA, they can all be bought online. In particular, the representative works of these brands are so beautiful that you want to buy them across thousands of rivers and mountains. Let's take a look at these minimalist and retro-element home furnishing brands with a few purchases that can enhance the sense of luxury at home.


We introduced a 4-Tier Bookshelf from Tribesigns before. Tribesigns first produced some modern-style furniture, and later added this furniture to the aesthetics of industrial retro, and became furniture that conforms to the modern industrial retro life in terms of details, materials, and scale.

Recommended items

Recommend two very popular furniture, a minimalist design computer desk, a rustic sofa console table, they are two very popular items.

The slim console table goes behind a large sectional sofa/couch perfectly, it is long enough to stretch your couch, provides plenty of space for pictures, decorations, lamps, cups, books, and more. It is also a perfect size accent table for a long narrow entryway/hallway too.

Clean, minimalist, and high-function design make this desk the perfect addition to any home office, dorm room, workspace, or boot-strapped start-up. Can be used as a computer desk, office workstation, writing desk, study table, gaming desk, makeup desk, etc. personalize your home office with this functional desk.


What to pay attention to when buying furniture

1. Look at the quality of the material

When buying furniture, you must first look at the material of the furniture. For example, when buying solid wood furniture, it depends on the quality of the wood. Whether it is real wood or not. The four legs of the brackets and chairs of the solid wood furniture should be different from other materials. They should be stronger and more reliable. . In addition, it is better to use three plywood materials for the cabinets. Fiberboard materials will expand and damage when they are cleaned, so the rationality of the materials is also very important.

2. Experience whether the furniture is firm

You can sit and experience furniture such as chairs, tables, and beds. When buying small-sized furniture, you can drag and listen to the sound of friction with the ground. The sound quality will be better. You can also turn it over to see if the screws and other structures are secure, and break it by hand. To see if the four corners are on the same plane, the furniture feet are also very important.

3. Whether there is a pungent smell

Nowadays, many furniture are made of synthetic wood or added with anti-corrosion chemicals. It is normal to have a smell, but if the smell is pungent, such as opening the closet, it will be stinking. It is certain that the formaldehyde content is extremely high, which will affect your health.

4. Furniture patchwork is not strict

You can use the furniture to face the light. Pay attention to whether the surface of the furniture is flat. If there is bulging or blistering, it cannot be used. If the surface of the furniture is painted, check whether it is smooth with your hands, and pay attention to whether the paint will fall off the corners.

5. Furniture hardware is very important

Look at furniture handles, hinges at joints, screws, etc. The quality of hardware determines the service life of furniture. Try it out with a few more switches.

How long does it take for new furniture to be ventilated before it can be used?

1. The release time of formaldehyde from furniture. Generally speaking, in newly renovated houses, the irritation of formaldehyde is released every day by maintaining ventilation, and it will take about three months to release. If you are not at ease, it is best to buy a formaldehyde detection kit to test the indoor formaldehyde content. After moving in, you need to pay attention to more ventilation.

2. How long it takes for the furniture to release formaldehyde depends on the material of your furniture. Generally, the release of formaldehyde from furniture and floors is a continuous process, which may take a year or more, from thick to light. After a period of time, the concentration of formaldehyde becomes low, and there is no harm to the body.

3. The release of formaldehyde will take a long time, and some can even reach 3-15 years. Or it can be said that the release of formaldehyde is endless, it will always exist, but there is a problem of concentration. Therefore, it is recommended that you use environmentally friendly products when you have enough furniture to buy, which will reduce a lot of pollution.

The furniture here has everything, and you will always find what you want, suitable for you.

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