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Honor and Save this Memorial Day: Enjoy Up to 15% Off!
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The function of Entryway - Tribesigns

The function of Entryway

The Entryway, also known as the foyer, has the functions of decoration, storage, and transition. It is a transition zone connecting indoors and outdoors. It carries the atmosphere of a home and is responsible for the image of a home. From the perspective of spatial structure alone, it is still an independent functional area with complete functionality.

Therefore, when designing the entrance, it is necessary to incorporate the design details and practical value into the design, so that the designed entrance can create landscaping for the space and improve the utilization rate and comfort of the space.

The necessity of the Entryway

For modern houses, the Entryway is the place that is touched at the first sight and last sight when going out, and it is also the most critical place that affects our impression of the house. Its establishment can not only ensure the privacy of space and space but also give visitors a buffer time to calm down, breaking the slightly cramped situation between the host and the guest. 

The entrance as a transition area can also provide a beautiful and comfortable area when keys, shoes, and hats are nowhere to be placed, helping the space rebuild a new look that is orderly and design-free. The ordinary type can be perfectly integrated into the space without any abrupt entrance. This type of design is suitable for the remaining corridor passage between the door and the living room, and can be extended, divided, and transitioned according to the needs of different apartment types, so as to realize the transformation and display of the space as a whole.

This type of entrance can be designed with one side of the cabinet and one wall. The color and design of the cabinet are consistent with the style of the space, while the other side of the wall can be hollowed out and embedded in the niche to design a simple and neat shoe-changing stool. The appearance creates a rare refreshing atmosphere for the space.

Compared with the straightforward one of the ordinary type, the turning entrance is more subtle and mysterious, and it is located between the hall and the living room. It is necessary to consider the connection between the foyer and the living room at a deeper level in order to achieve the spatial effect of linking the preceding and the following.

For this type of entrance, a group of wall cabinets can be customized at the entrance door, with an artistic decorative painting and a bunch of flower arrangements to create a fun, beautiful, and fashionable scenic spot.

The entrance door to the window is that there is no barrier between the door and the window. Many people use this design to meet the lighting. No matter from the visual point of view, there are certain defects, which cannot meet our needs for comfort and beauty.

Therefore, on the basis of the original space, a new boundary is established between the entrance door and the window, and the functional areas of the space are re-divided with different types of partitions.

For example grilles, glass partitions, hollow partitions, and other designs introduce direct and warm light from the windows into the entrance in a soft way, maintain a vague relationship with the overall space, and clarify the use requirements of the space.

Design Elements

Shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet and Entryway are probably the most error-free designs. They create a unique area with an open and full-of-life atmosphere and plan their own comfortable areas, which become a part of ordinary daily life and our own.


Put a full-body mirror in the hallway, which can be used to arrange clothes. It does not need to occupy too much space. It is embedded in the wall. It can not only see the state of your own display when you go in and out every day, but also expand the visual presentation of the space, and maintain the delicate sense of life at any time.

Coat Racks

Add some hooks or storage racks on the blank wall to store the clothes and hats we need temporarily in a reasonable way, and display them on the wall in a hierarchical and orderly manner to create a comfortable and clean space atmosphere.

The hallway is actually a mirror of our life. It not only maintains our space appearance but also maintains our attitude toward life. By carefully designing the hallway, we can open the life mode that we will not make do with, love, and work hard to achieve the ideal life state.

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