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How to choose the most suitable sofa table - Tribesigns

How to choose the most suitable sofa table

The elegant retro style fits in perfectly with the home entertainment function. Dreamlike decoration, elegant distressed style, and exquisite details create a distinctive living room space. This article will tell you more information about elegant sofa tables from the following 4 aspects.

How do arrange the sofa table?

Material selection of sofa table

How to choose the size of the sofa table?

Our Sofa Table Buying Guide

The Sofa Table Tips and Advice

People also ask these questions

How do arrange the sofa table?

People often ask me, if he sees a lot of beautiful home improvement pictures, if there is a table or shelf behind the sofa, and ask me why I decorate it like this. Then let's talk briefly.

The best sofa tables are often arranged behind the sofa, and the two are arranged next to each other so that people's eyes can not fall on the back of the sofa, because the back of the sofa is both boring and unsightly.

The long table cannot be higher than the sofa, generally slightly lower than the height of the sofa backrest.

For elegant home decoration, consider arranging a pair of exquisite table lamps symmetrically. You can nest on the sofa to read books for lighting. At the same time, symmetry will strengthen the layout of the entire space and make your living room look more advanced.

You can also place a desk lamp on one side, and a decoration a little smaller than the desk lamp on the other side. It can be a bunch of flowers, a photo frame with a family portrait, or a few books you like, of course. Choose some books with exquisite bindings to make them look more beautiful.

If your living room is not against the wall, and adjacent to the open kitchen, give the sofa table a few high stools, this is your bar counter.

If you don't have a restaurant or a table in your home, you can choose a larger sofa table, and then you will have it.

Material selection of sofa tables for living room

1. Wooden

The wooden sofa table is mainly made of solid wood, the material is relatively soft, with the luster of the wood itself, giving people a very gentle feeling. The wooden coffee table is very durable, has good performance in all aspects, and has excellent stability. In daily use, if you accidentally bump into the coffee table, there will be no obvious traces. At the same time, it is very convenient to clean and take care of, which is deeply loved by most consumers.

2. Glass

The glass sofa table is presented with a transparent texture and is a beautiful appearance, which is very popular. The glass sofa table is made of tempered glass, imitation gold plating accessories, and stainless steel frames, which is simple and practical.

3. Marble

The panels of the marble sofa table are made of high-quality natural stone. The texture is clear and beautiful, giving a noble and generous feeling, but the price is relatively expensive.

4. Metal

The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, stylish and atmospheric, and it is extremely practical, durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain. But the sound is louder and the color tone is single; the texture is hard and cold, which runs counter to the warmth that people like.

How to choose the size of the sofa table?

The size of the sofa table in front of the window should be reconciled with the size of the sofa, generally not higher than the back of the sofa, and the length should not be longer than the length of the sofa. The sofa table is a low-key existence so people will not pay attention to the long table behind the sofa.

Our Sofa Table Buying Guide

The sturdy sofa table has been around since the 1700s. Back then, it was typically placed at the front of the sofa. It was a long, thin table with at least one drawer and a drop leaf on either end. This made it ideal for storage. Today, the sofa table has moved from the front of the sofa to the back. It is usually placed behind a sofa or used to create a visual separation in places with an open floor plan.

There are many reasons to use a sofa table in your home. One of its greatest benefits is that it’s a small piece of furniture, so it can add storage to a small space without taking up too much room. It’s a great place to store items like TV remotes, books, and even small speakers. If your living room doesn’t have a lot of overhead lighting, add a lamp on either side of your sofa table to set the mood.

For small homes, you can actually store extra seating space underneath a sofa table. Opt for a sofa table that has an open-leg design. This way, you can add a few small ottomans underneath the sofa table, which you can pull out whenever you have extra guests.

Can you put a black sofa table against a wall?

Even if your sofa can actually be pushed against the wall and you wouldn't technically need a sofa table to fill the space, you can still have one. ... It would allow you to display a few items behind the sofa and even have a place to put a couple of table lamps and it would take up very little floor space.

How far should a couch be from the TV?

The optimal distance from the TV to the couch is an 8:1 ratio. For every 8 inches, it should be 1 ft away from the TV. The reason is that today's TVs cause our eyes to hurt if we continuously watch marathons and movies or sit too close to them to try and improve image clarity.

Where do side tables go in the living room?

Ideally, a side table should be equal to or just below the arm of the seat, it's next. Not only does it create a nice visual flow in the room, but the table is also within easy reach for setting a drink down or turning on a lamp. Standard sofa arm heights can range between 24 and 32 inches, so get out your measuring tape.

Should you put a sofa in front of a window?

In Front of a Window

Although you never want to block a window, a sofa placed in front of one can look great as long as the back of the sofa is relatively low. Just be sure to leave a gap of about 10 to 12 inches to give the piece some breathing room and to allow for window treatments.

In this article, we talked about sofa tables from five aspects, do you know it now? I hope you can get more information about these beautiful sofa tables and choose the one that you like.

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