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Don't Miss Out on Earth Day Sale-Up to $400 Off!
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Recommended Bookcases with High Cost Performance in 2022 - Tribesigns

Recommended Bookcases with High Cost Performance in 2022

Before choosing a etagere bookcase, we need to have a clear judgment on our needs. After all, this is a large furniture expenditure. After confirming that we really need a etagere bookcase, we continue to look down. I am not sure or do not know how to choose a etagere bookcase? Friends who choose what to choose can continue to read, I will give you a detailed introduction to the strategies and precautions for buying bookshelves, so that you can buy the most suitable and cost-effective etagere bookcase for you.


  1. Why do you need to buy a etagere bookcase?

  2. How to choose the etagere bookcasethat suits you

  3. Types and important characteristics of bookshelves

  4. different price etagere bookcase

  5. summary

 Why do you need to buy a etagere bookcase?

  • like to read books
  • I have a study room at home and need a etagere bookcase
  • Living room has extra space
  • likes to collect books

How to choose the etagere bookcasethat suits you

What kind of etagere bookcase to choose, you need to consider the budget, the scene and the object of use, and determine it according to personal preferences.

  1. Are your bookshelves placed in the study or elsewhere? If there is enough space, choose according to the size. If it is a corner place, choose a corner etagere bookcase and a rotating etagere bookcase
  2. Are there any children at home? If you don’t have children, choose a durable, good-looking and sturdy etagere bookcase if you want to use it yourself; if you have children at home, should you choose a low-height, environmentally friendly board, and a etagere bookcase with a stable frame to store books alone, or is it comprehensive and practical?
  3. Open bookshelves are recommended for books alone. If you like to collect books, bookcases are recommended. You need to use bookshelves or bookcases with cabinets comprehensively.
  4. Finished etagere bookcase or customized? If you have a study, custom bookshelves are recommended. In general, you can buy the finished product.
  5. Are you a diligent person? Open bookshelves are recommended for diligent hygiene, and bookshelves or bookcases with doors are recommended for busy people.

Types and important characteristics of bookshelves

Don't underestimate a etagere bookcase, it has many doorways. Before buying, we need to know its important indicators and characteristics, otherwise it will affect our use. Here I will briefly introduce their types to you.


(1) According to the material

Common bookshelves can be divided into solid wood, bamboo, wood-based panels, steel, and plastics according to their materials.

Solid wood: strong bearing capacity, strong and durable, and does not pick the scene, it has its own natural wind wherever it is placed. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and requires a relatively high production process.

Bamboo and wood: strong and durable, simple and beautiful, not deformed, and cheap. But it is not so stable, and it is easy to mold for a long time.

Man-made board: Due to its low price, it is becoming more and more common in the furniture manufacturing industry, and MDF and particleboard are commonly used. MDF is similar to natural wood, with a flat surface, easy to paste various wood grain veneers, and easy to carve and shape. It is a relatively ideal artificial board. But it contains higher formaldehyde. Particleboard is not easy to deform, the amount of glue in the production process is small, the formaldehyde content is low, it is more environmentally friendly, and it can be nailed repeatedly, which is also very common in the furniture industry. However, it is of heavy quality and has relatively high requirements on the edge sealing process.

Steel: The most textured, heavy-duty, durable. But bookshelves can be bulky and not suitable for frequent moving.

Plastic: The advantage is that it is cheap and lightweight, but it is not strong, easy to deform, and its load-bearing capacity is not high.

(2) According to whether it is closed or not

According to whether it is closed, it can be divided into open type and semi-open type.

Open bookshelves have no enclosed space; semi-open bookshelves have drawers or doors for privacy.

(3) According to the shape

At present, according to the shape of the etagere bookcase, what I know can be divided into rotating bookshelves, corner bookshelves, tree bookshelves, bookshelves or bookcases.

Rotating etagere bookcase: It can be rotated 360 degrees as a whole, occupies a small area, is easy to access, and has high use efficiency. However, if the book is placed too much, it will not turn or it is not easy to turn.

Corner etagere bookcase: The space utilization rate is large, and it can be placed in any corner. It has a curvature and rounded corners, which can adapt to various home styles. Both practical and decorative.

Tree-shaped etagere bookcase: It has a sense of creativity and design, and it occupies a small area and has a large capacity. The disadvantage is that the bearing capacity and stability are not optimistic. Many friends around me report that it is not easy to install.

(4) According to the style

Chinese style: retro and elegant.

American country style: spacious and comfortable, simple and nostalgic, casual and natural.

Japanese and Korean style: simple and elegant, giving people a comfortable and warm feeling.

European style: There are many kinds, divided into Nordic, Italian, etc., the more popular is Nordic style, the overall characteristics are simple and smooth lines, simple and bright color matching, a lot of use of light-colored wood, and strive to create a clean and natural feeling.


Different price etagere bookcase recommended

Tribesigns Bookcase, 12-Open Etagere Bookcase Display Rack Shelf

Tribesigns Bookcase, 12-Open Etagere Bookcase Display Rack Shelf Tribesigns

12-Open Shelf Etagere Bookcase -  Lend any layout a dash of industrial style and display space with this clean-lined bookcase. Featuring an open back panel and sides, this airy design showcases 4 tiers with asymmetrical shelves to show off items of all sizes. Each shelf is made from manufactured wood in a vintage brown laminate finish to mimic the look of rustic wood. This bookcase measures 70.86'' H x 59'' W x 11.8'' D. Assembly is required.

Simple Rustic Industrial Style - This industrial bookshelf will add character to any indoor space, The black metal frame paring with rustic laminate board brings a steady and vintage sight into any room. The clean look creates the industrial style fitting well with personal taste and interior decor without sacrificing functionality and practicality at meanwhile.

Versatile use - Simple but practical design makes it not only a bookcase or bookshelf but also used as a display shelf, storage cabinet, or room divider. It will compatible with all the houses in any decor.

High Quality of Storage Shelf  - Manufactured from certified environmentally preferred laminated particle panels, each durable board prevents scratches, resists stains, and dents for consistent long-term use. Combining with a black metal frame ensures super stability even on uneven floors. Each shelf is strong enough to support 35lbs.


Current price$219.99

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Tribesigns Bookshelf, Rustic Etagere Bookcase with Drawer

Tribesigns Bookshelf, Rustic Etagere Bookcase with Drawers Tribesigns

Special Rustic Industrial Style: Display all your favorite books on this rustic and industrial-inspired etagere bookcase. Don't let good-looking furniture be a thing of the past - reinvent your home with a charming, rustic bookcase, this retro-inspired display bookshelf will look great in eclectic rooms in need of some extra storage. This cabinet bookshelf can go with an eclectic style of furniture in your living room, study room, office, or more.
Large Storage Space: Perfect for clearing up the clutter.4 spacious shelves offer enough space to hold plants, books, photos, collections, and more, while the drawers with full extension slides provide concealed storage space for stowing away other possessions, and keep everything organized without any mess. NOTE: The drawer size is NOT a filing cabinet and can't accommodate A4, F4, letter size, and legal-sized suspension files.
Multifunctional Storage Shelf: Simple but practical design makes it not only a bookcase or bookshelf, it is also used as a display shelf to display your collection and decorative accessories, or used in the office, living room, study room, or kitchen. It will compatible with all the houses in any decor.
High-quality Materials: Shelves are made of E1 class particle board which is durable, waterproof, and anti-scratch; strong metal legs ensure maximum durability and stability and feature a powder-coated finish that is rust-free. Adjustable foot pads avoid scratching the floor as well as prevent this bookcase from accidentally tipping over. Please rest assured that it will not be a problem to use for many years. Each shelf is strong enough to support 40lbs.


Current price$199.99

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Tribesigns 5 Tiers Bookcase, 5-Shelf Industrial Style Etagere Bookcases

Tribesigns 5 Tiers Bookcase, 5-Shelf Industrial Style Etagere Bookcases Tribesigns

ANTI-FALLING BOOKCASE - This simple yet functional 5 tiers bookcase from Tribesigns has five traditional shelves, each designed with upright back panels to stop things from falling off or behind. Adds practical, linear, and chic to your room.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Great storage bookshelves which have a stylish and elegant look that suits any room and decor in your home. With a 5-layer large open storage space, store your books, CDs, DVDs, vases, photo frames, decorations, and collectibles.
SUPER STURDY - The frame is made with steel for superior strength and the panel is commercial grade high-pressure laminate, each shelf can support up to 50lbs, super bearing 250lbs, giving a perfect solution for storage and decoration.
NON-SLIP LEG PAD - Easy to assemble and adjustable pads to avoid the floor from scratching and keep the balance for different height needs, and uneven ground conditions.
GUARANTEE - All tools and instructions needed are included. If you get any problems with our products, please rest assured feel free to let us know.


Current price$209.99

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Tribesigns Corner Bookshelf, 5-Shelf Reversible Industrial Corner Bookcase Etagere

 Tribesigns Bookshelf, 5-Shelf Reversible Industrial Corner Bookcase Etagere Tribesigns

Industrial-Style Corner Bookshelf - With the clean-lined design, rustic distressed finish, and powder-coated black metal frame, this 5-shelf bookcase flaunts an industrial-modern aesthetic, while spicing up your overlooked corner.

Offers Maximum Storage for Home Office - This versatile corner bookcase features 5-tier open shelves that provide you double space to store your books, or display your favorite collections, trinkets, CDs, pictures, and other knick-knacks.

Space-Saving Design - Featuring an l-shaped reversible design, this corner shelf can maximize the wasted space of any corner. The shelving unit has a small footprint but stands over 70", which works well in an office, family room, or home library.

Premium Materials for Lasting Use - Made from responsibly-sourced particle board and thickened metal frame, this bookshelf is built for the heavy lifting that books require (each shelf has a capacity of over 50lb). Adjustable foot pads ensure that the bookcase is as stable as possible, even on uneven flooring.


Current price$229.99

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Tribesigns Corner Shelf, 70.8 Inch Tall Corner Bookshelf 6-Tier Storage Etagere

 Tribesigns Shelf, 70.8 Inch Tall Corner Bookshelf 6-Tier Storage Etagere Tribesigns

Multifunctional Corner Shelves - Maximize the corner space of your room, kitchen, and balcony with this corner shelf unit, which can work as a small corner bookshelf, etagere bookcase, display rack, and plant shelf to help your home out of the clutter.
6-Tier Storage Shelf: This corner shelf features a six-tiered structure that provides plenty of storage space for displaying books, vases, crafts, photo frames, potted plants, and other knickknacks.
Space-saving Design - Freestanding corner bookcase makes full use of limited corner space and easily fits into your room without occupying large space, perfect home decor for your living room, bedroom, study room even kitchen.
Solid Construction - Crafted from thick rustic finish particleboard and heavy-duty black-finished metal frame, which not only adds a contemporary industrial style but also strengthens the durability and weight capacity for long time use.
Easy to Assemble - Simple design makes easy assembly, all parts and detailed instructions are included, and you can quickly install this corner shelf. If you have any problem with this product, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you out of trouble.


Current price$129.99

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Brown Tree-Shaped Standing Wooden Bookshelf

BOOKSHELF FOR BOOK-LOVERS: With a geometric silhouette and exceptional function, this tree-shape bookshelf is a bright element in your home office; fill the multi-levered branches with your favourite books to create an eye-catching display

FOR SMALL SPACES: The bookcase has 8 open shelves and can accommodate lots of books (A4 and A5 size) and other ornaments while taking up only a small floor area; sized 19.7"L x 9.8"W x 55.7"H, perfect for apartments, narrow spaces, classrooms or corners

OUTSTANDING STABILITY: Quality chipboard and hardware ensure a sturdy and durable structure; includes anti-toppling device for added stability, each shelf holds up to 22 lb

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Comes with numbered parts and illustrated instruction, easy for one person to put this bookshelf together without the need for assistance

100% SATISFACTION: We always provide professional customer service before and after your purchase, so don't wait any longer and enjoy it right now



Monarch 62" H Transitional Decorative Metal 4-Tier Corner Etagere Bookcase - White / White Metal

- 4 tier metal etagere bookshelf with large evenly-spaced storage shelves finished in white
- Perfect space-saving narrow tall display unit for photo frames, books, or even kitchen accessories
- Featuring a solid white metal frame, this open bookcase with laminate open shelf will be a favorite in any house, apartment or condo
- A stylish transitional design for living room office or bedroom
- Product Dimensions: 25"L x 13"D x 62"H



Tribesigns Kids Bookshelf, Children's Bookcase Display Stand Storage Rack

 Tribesigns Kids Bookshelf, Children's Bookcase Display Stand Storage Rack Tribesigns

Gifts for Kids - Children's playroom is full of books and toys, so what better way to organize them than by placing a small kids' bookshelf in their room? Pure white complements any style of the room and is an ideal gift for boys and girls.

2-in-1 Design - There are 4 compartment shelves on the top of the kid's bookcase, which can store 40-60 books of different sizes, such as cardboard books, pop-up books, etc. And there are 3 toy storage racks on the lower part, reasonable design will make kids easily accessible all them’ s books and will also help develop the child's organizational skills.

Safety - Children's bookshelves with toy storage rack is made of high-density fiber particle board, no chemical smell, and rounded edges, so you don't have to worry about your child's accidental injury during the process of organizing and reading, and your child's safety is the most important at any time!

Wide Use - Wooden baby bookcase with dimensions of 39.37'' W x 11.81'' D x 39.37''H is perfect for kids' room, home school, classroom, playroom, etc.


Current price$139.99

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Tribesigns Bookshelf, Triple Wide 5-Tier Bookcase Etagere Storage Display Shelves

 Tribesigns Bookshelf, Triple Wide 5-Tier Bookcase Etagere Storage Display Shelves Tribesigns

Larger Triple Wide Bookcase - Measuring 70.86’’(L)×11.81’’ (W)×70.86’’(H), this etagere bookshelf is great for studios or larger rooms. Featured with a rustic distressed finish with black metal, this bookcase creates a stunning industrial design that looks fantastic in any contemporary home.

A One-Of-A-Kind Bookshelf - This bookshelf has an irregular trapezoidal design that makes it stand out from other pieces of your home decor. In addition, its unique leaning look helps to break the dullness while adding glitz and glamour to your living area.

72" Tall Bookshelf for Storage - Comes with 12 generous open shelves, this tall bookshelf offers a perfect platform to display books, plants, pottery, family photos, and even barware. Combining style and functionality, this shelving unit is a perfect addition to essentially any room.

Durable & Stable Construction - Made from responsibly-sourced particle board and thickened metal frame, this bookshelf is built for the heavy lifting that books require (each shelf has a capacity of over 45lb). The bookcase comes with an anti-tip kit, ensuring safe installation.


Current price$209.99

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Tribesigns Tall Bookcase and Bookshelf, 70.8” Large Bookcases Organizer

 Tribesigns Tall Bookcase and Bookshelf, 70.8” Large Bookcases Organizer Tribesigns

Heavy-Duty 5-Tier Bookshelf - Unlike other bookshelves which lean forward, ours are free-standing perpendicular to the ground, super stable, and sturdy. Item weight: 65.4lbs. Heavy and strong.

High-quality with Amazing Load Capacity - Made of thick particleboard and a heavy-duty powder-coated metal frame, this tall library bookshelf has a super large load capacity. Each shelf can load 88lbs. Totally 529lbs. The Shelves will NEVER sag under the weight of hardback books.

Great Size & Closed Back Shelves - Overall size: 31.5” L * 11.81” W * 70.87” H. Because of the great depth, it is a good home office decor to put your large books, and dictionaries, figures, and models. A thoughtfully closed backboard can effectively protect your books get dirt and dust.

Safe Anti-dumping Kit & Adjustable Feet Pads -  For further security, we provide an anti-dumping kit to enhance the stability of the big bookcase. And this shelving unit has 4 legs that can be adjusted if you need to compensate for uneven floors, rugs, etc.

Multifunctional Shelving Unit - High quality, overall beautiful look, ample storage space, making this deep bookshelf can be placed in the living room, bedroom, library, study, den, reception area, classroom, etc. Ideal as a bookshelf bookcase, or display shelf.


Current price$179.99

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Monarch 71" Contemporary Reclaimed Wood-Look Bookcase with Storage Drawer - Dark Taupe

- Contemporary styling in a warm dark taupe wood-look
- 4 shelves with 2 adjustable shelves to place your books, decorative objects, etc..
- One large storage drawer
- Silver colored hardware offers sleek modern contrast



Tribesigns Bookcase 4 Cube Storage Organizer, Display Storage Rack

 Tribesigns Bookcase 4 Cube Organizer, Display Storage Rack Tribesigns

Simple Stylish Cube Bookshelf: The 3-tier bookshelf adopts an open division design, which looks modern and fashionable, this storage organizer has 4 open cubes in a trapezoidal appearance. Reinvent your storage space with the charming color of modern bookshelves, making your home/office/school space more fashionable and stylish

Multifunctional Cube: Style your storage setup with this White 4-Cube Decorative Bookshelf, this cube storage bookshelf brings clean, contemporary style to your living space. It features a durable construction in a chic white color for easy coordination with any setting. This multipurpose unit is stylishly designed with four open square shelves that can be used as a display shelf for pictures, books, mementos, and other items

Strong Shelf Support: This storage organizer is constructed with sturdy metal frame legs and adjustable foot pads to stop it from wobbling. The quality MDF board desktop and sturdy iron structure come together to make this bookshelf work perfectly. The maximum weight capacity of each shelf can hold up to 30 lbs. Dimensions: 31.5" L x 13.78" W x 31.5" H

4-Cube Storage Organizer: This Collection creates a bridge between living and learning spaces, pioneering the concept of a child’s home office space. Keep toys, books, and meaningful treasures visible and accessible with the Kids' Low Bookcase, which provides a variety of storage options in places where children live, learn and play


Current price$89.99

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Tribesigns Bookcase, Industrial Triple Wide 5-Tiers Open Bookshelf

 Tribesigns Bookcase, Industrial Triple Wide 5-Tiers Open Bookshelf Tribesigns

DIMENSIONS - 70.9” H x 70.9” W x 11.8” D; compartments height is about 13.77”, each designed with upright panels to stop things falling off, this etagere brings plenty of storage to the spaces that need it most.
INDUSTRIAL CHARACTER - Awash in a neutral finish that blends effortlessly with your existing color scheme. This etagere is a perfect pick for any room in your abode.
SUPER STURDY - Crafted from metal and manufactured wood, it features ten open shelves that each shelf can support up to 60lbs, super bearing 300lbs, giving a complete solution of storage and decoration.
Multi-functional - This clean-lined bookcase make the perfect spot to store family photos, books, potted plants, a collection of novels, and other around home essentials.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - All tools and instructions needed are included, THE BOOKCASE WILL BE SHIPPED IN 2 PACKAGES, PLEASE ASSEMBLE IT AFTER YOU RECEIVE ALL THE 2 PACKAGES. If you get any problems with our products, please rest assured feel free to let us know.


Current price$369.99

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