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Buyer Beware - Tribesigns

Buyer Beware

*Please read this article before making a final decision to purchase a Tribesigns product.


Dear customers who read this article, thank you for your interest in our brand and may have decided to purchase our furniture. We are excited to be able to offer you our well-designed, affordable furniture soon.


Every customer is so important to us, that's why we wrote this article especially. Just in case our consumers suffer from fraud or any bad shopping experience. Recently, we have found some websites that illegally list our products and use the same pictures, titles and other information as ours. If you are buying from us for the first time, or have not yet purchased, please be careful not to be deceived. Because the prices they list are really fxxking attractive.


Next, we will tell you how to identify some scam websites, whether you buy our brand or another brand, I believe it will be helpful to you.


1. Price


You'll find them in Google search results and have a clear price difference from our products. Unless it's on clearance or small furniture, our furniture prices can't be so low, which is already lower than our production cost.


The same product on our website is on clearance sale, and here is its current price.



2. Check Out Other Pages

If, unfortunately, you are attracted by the price and visit this kind of site, please do not rush to place an order.



Yes, the homepage has a phone number and an email address, which seems very safe. But wait, how is this a clothes shop? When you try to find the product again, it disappears. You won't find any information about furniture on this web.

 It's cunning this way. After we searched for Tribesigns, they couldn't hide it.

The pricing of the product is almost the same regardless of the product category. It's suspicious, isn't it?


3. Payment

We really don't want you to get this far. But if you're already here, try to pay by credit card.

Usually, these scam sites only support a single payment, Paypal, because he can steal your money before you receive the package. And later you may receive just an empty package. (Their shipping time is usually stated to be very long)

I was going to post a picture of the scam site's complete checkout page, but it looks like their Paypal account has been suspended. Umm...


At last, please let me introduce our brand and website again (although you may have browsed our site for a long time).


We are a professional furniture manufacturer with more than 10 years of history, and we have registered the brand, you can check it on All furniture on our website is designed, produced and sold by us.


We support a variety of popular payment methods, and these platforms have strictly reviewed our qualifications, so transactions on Tribesigns are 100% safe. In addition, our website is built with Shopify, and your payment information is protected by Shopify.


Our delivery time is normally around 7 days, which is recognized by Google. You have enough time to receive the goods, unpack the package, assemble it, contact us for help, etc. When you do all this, we still can't get the money you've paid, and your money can come back anytime.


Oh, right. One more thing, you can check our reviews about us from real customers who have purchased. Their words must be more engaging than our ad words, lol.

We've also recently started using Google Customer Reviews, which now doesn't show up directly because there aren't enough reviews. You can visit this link to check.



Thanks for finishing reading this post, it wasn't easy. We very much want to bring the best shopping experience and the most satisfying products to everyone, and we will continue to work towards that goal.

And, thank you for your past, present and future support and love for Tribesigns. Honestly, we know that we still have a lot to do, but because there are still people who love our products, we will make it better for you.


Good news by the way, we will provide phone service in the near future, after-sales problems can be solved more efficiently.


End. Respect.

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