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Choose Metal Patio Furniture, with 6 Steps to Make Patio Wonderful - Tribesigns

Choose Metal Patio Furniture, with 6 Steps to Make Patio Wonderful

When talking about patios, many people get into the misconception that they must have a large footprint. In fact, a high quality patio is not directly related to its size. A courtyard with a limited area can be high quality and distinctive as long as the right approach is used!

Robert Welsch, a renowned landscape designer, has offered several suggestions for designing a townhouse patio that will create a comfortable outdoor space in a small space. So, these suggestions are equally applicable to small patios in general.


1. Use the view

Most outdoor views are important views through windows, so the design methods used should maximize this advantage. Consider some scenes where the patio is often seen through the window, such as the window side of the kitchen, bedroom, living room wicker chairs, etc.

If a screening wall is needed, instead of using a brick structure, use an iron fence to widen the line of sight. However, if you want to emphasize a highlight of the area, you can change to a brick structure to limit the range of view.


2. Pursuit of detail design - Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture

In a large space, the performance of a large range of landscape is concerned, because people's vision is enlarged there. And in small spaces, any improper design details will be magnified in the close observation. Small patios must be designed with attention to detail!

Adding a one-meter wide water view, expanding the hedge by another half meter, etc. will have a different landscape effect. And placing refreshing outdoor patio furniture enhances the harmony of more subtle design, meaning there will be more elements that express the value of the patio and enhance it even more.


3. Use high-quality furniture materials

If you are too careful about furniture materials for a large space, it will be a big expense, while a small space will not have much difference in the cost of materials because of the small amount. By using the materials you want to use as much as possible, you can realize the most attractive value of your garden by opening the door.

The most representative choice is metal patio furniture, and how to choose patio furniture? Is vintage metal patio furniture or black metal patio furniture appropriate?

Determine the style and function of outdoor furniture, then you should consider the construction of patio hardware, such as flooring materials, wall colors, etc., with similar furniture can create a strong personal style.
The choice of color system also affects the style of the patio, of course, outdoor patio furniture should be consistent or similar to the style of indoor furniture, because the style is too different, will destroy the extension, and will be very abrupt.

Generally speaking, outdoor furniture suitable for practical use is just a few materials, rattan, aluminum, cast aluminum, preserved wood, plastic wood ...... they are adapted to the changing environment and relatively easy to maintain the material.


4. Take advantage of "small"

The small size sometimes is also an advantage, it is convenient to shelter from the wind and rain, increase people's contact communication, so you can give full play to the characteristics of the small garden, to create a warm small space.


5. Enrich the vertical landscape

By adding layers of landscape to enrich the small patio landscape, the layers of plants can also play a certain effect. Enrich the content of small patio by designing multiple landscape scenes, including fountains, dining areas, vegetable beds, etc.

The limited view of the small patio landscape does not show a rich landscape, which often leads to a single boring visual. A more convenient solution is to design multiple interesting vignettes to weaken the simple emptiness that may result from the small space. Whether it is stone, pottery, glass, or iron, all are available materials to enrich the character of the patio.


6. Create a "big" sense of pattern

Simple outdoor patio furniture decorative series can often create an atmospheric and coherent expression of the landscape, but also to create a more open landscape.
Repeat the application of simple plants, especially green and shrubs interesting plants, at the same time, do not choose too many styles of pots, but more application of the same style of different sizes of pots.
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