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The Best Way to Measure Kitchen Island Height - Step by Step Instruction - Tribesigns

The Best Way to Measure Kitchen Island Height - Step by Step Instruction

The appropriate height range
Set the kitchen island, its height is generally the same as the height of the operating surface, which is commonly 34-38 inches high, there are people in order to emphasize the island, use it as a bar, so its height to be slightly higher, about 40 inches is also more common and appropriate.

Actually, in our home, the height of some countertops, operating tables, tables, chairs and benches and other furniture are designed in accordance with the most comfortable experience for people to use, and taking into account the aesthetics. And the furniture that has been made, their pre-set height, but also in consideration of the needs of most people and design. People of all body types are tall, short, fat and thin, so the more they fit the height of the custom furniture, the better. Kitchen island height, of course, is no exception, the following we will take the height of the kitchen island set as an example to give you some ideas of how to set the height in home decoration.


How should the height of the kitchen island be determined?

For the determination of the height of the kitchen center island, the following steps need to be followed.

1. Determine the function

Although it is said that the main function of the kitchen island is used as a cooking table, auxiliary kitchen operating table, so that the kitchen work in an orderly manner. However, some friends are used for temporary dining tables, partitions and storage space, different needs of the main function, the height of their settings should not be the same. For example, as a temporary dining table or partition as the main function, you may need to set a slightly higher. As a cooking table set up can be flush with the operating table. Slightly lower, as a storage space is more convenient to take, put things. Therefore, we determine the height of the kitchen island, the first thing to do is to clarify the main function of their needs.


2. consider the overall aesthetics

Aesthetic not only to look beautiful, but also to maintain harmony with the home environment, its height should be staggered, we set a kitchen island, should not be made into a semi-large cabinet, neither high nor short, very abrupt in the kitchen. Although sometimes need to emphasize the island, but should also consider the surrounding environment, the best effect is that complementarity, that is, not high and not short, the overall look staggered, look carefully and do not notice too abrupt, which is the overall beauty.


3. consider the comfort

Speaking of comfort, it is natural to mention the ergonomics, which is also the best reference to determine the height of the furniture. After all, we enjoy the furniture, we need to feel comfortable using.

Of course, it is also necessary to combine the above two conditions on the function and aesthetics. According to ergonomic research, the human body height is H. How to measure the most comfortable standard height when using various furniture?

For example, if the kitchen island is mainly used as a cooking table, assuming a height of 175 cm, then 175 * 6/11 ≈ 95 cm, then our kitchen island is set at a height of 95 cm (37 inches) is the most appropriate.

Of course, not all people meet the criteria described on the ergonomics, some friends have longer arms and shorter legs, if he calculates exactly according to this formula, the results are certainly not too ideal. But even if there is a certain error relative to ergonomics, it does not seriously feel uncomfortable to use.

Therefore, for the kitchen island, and even other custom furniture, we should determine the height of a comprehensive consideration, based on the theory of ergonomics, but also to consider the actual situation in our homes, such as our above-mentioned functional, aesthetic, and our own actual situation, so that it is the best. In other words, comfortable or not, good or bad, we need to combine experience practice and theory, each time there is improvement, in order to find the most suitable for your own balance.

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