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Buy Practical Bar Table Furniture Online in Tribesigns - Tribesigns

Buy Practical Bar Table Furniture Online in Tribesigns

The bar table, like the bedside table, is not necessary furniture of the home. In the past, the pub table was more a manifestation of fashion and sentiment. However, with the change of demand, more and more people choose to put a pub table at home. The current bar table has flexible design forms and a wide range of uses: serving as a dining table/standby dining table; Acting as a workbench/reception area; As a space partition; As the finishing touch of space design... It is suitable for multiple spaces at home. If you are interested in the bar table, come and find out on the Tribesigns site!

Tribesigns Bar Unit with Metal Mesh Front, Home Liquor Bar Table with Storage and Footrest

Designed with a half-moon silhouette and striking black appearance, this chic Bar Cabinet will be a perfect accompaniment for your home bar to create a relaxing place for drinking with your family and friends.

Our home bar is made of a 0.98” strong iron frame with metal mesh reinforcement that is sturdy enough to hold all your bar accessories. The shelves and bar top are made of premium MDF for scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

For the same bar table but in a different color option, check out the Tribesigns bar table !

Bar Table Set, Pub Table and Chairs Set of 2, Industrial Wine Rack Table with Glass Holder and Storage

Consists of a bar table, 4 open shelves, 2 wine glass holders, and 2pcs stools.
The perfect combination of bar table and storage shelf saves on floor space while maintaining the aesthetics.
The two bar stools can be hidden under the table neatly when not in use.
Perfect for kitchen, pub, dining room, living room, and coffee shop.
Vintage rustic smooth finish isn't easy to be dirty, you only need to wipe it with a wet cloth when you clean it.
Optionally install a wall anti-tip kit according to your requirement.

Tribesigns 3 Piece Bar Table and Chairs Set, Industrial Counter Height Pub Table Set

Come with 1 pub table and 2 bar stools, which allows you to create your pub at home. With its open bar height table design, the 2 stools can be easily tucked under the table for space-saving when not in use, practical and convenient for small space.
Solid Construction: Made of high-quality particleboard and heavy-duty metal frame, also equipped with reinforced rods to keep stable, the adjustable foot pad protects the floor from scratches, this bar table set is durable enough for long-time use.


6 things to note when buying furniture

The moisture content must reach the standard

When buying a home, you should also pay attention to whether the moisture content meets the standard. Many people may not know what the moisture content is. The moisture content is generally to test whether the furniture has good moisture resistance. Generally, the moisture content must be greater than 12% to meet the standard. If you don’t have a professional instrument to measure when you buy a home, you can touch it to see if it is painted, or you can drop it with water. If the water droplets are quickly absorbed by the furniture, it means that the water absorption rate is very high. It means that the moisture-proof performance is not good, so I suggest you not to buy it.

Budget price

When buying a lot of home furnishings, you should pay attention to the budget price in advance. You must first make a detailed plan for the furniture you need to buy, including the product category, quantity, product, material, approximate size and other product requirements list, and then determine the purchase according to the current market price Budget, so as not to buy a piece of furniture that you like when you see good-looking furniture. Later, you find that many of the purchases are not in line with the overall style of the home, and the money is spent again. The furniture is something that uses more money, so Before buying, you must budget your financial strength to avoid overdraft.

Consistent overall style

Before buying a home, we must determine what style of home we like, and then when buying a home, the style must be consistent. For example, the modern minimalist style that is popular nowadays, then the choice of furniture should pay attention to the modern minimalist style. The furniture is matched. Before we customize the furniture, we need to divide the room into a functional area, and then determine the approximate decoration style matching plan. Determine which homes to buy according to your hobbies and the overall home area of ​​the home, and at the same time determine each The location and size of the regional furniture are custom-made. If you are in a mess, you can also make an appointment with the specially decorated designer Fu to help design. Coordinated, beautiful and fashionable.

Brand selection

When buying things, we always emphasize that we say that brands are not necessarily all good products, and the prices are expensive. However, when buying home furnishings, it is recommended that you choose well-known brands of furniture to be more secure, because furniture is everyone’s object. In the later use process, if it is a well-known brand, the price may be a little more expensive than ordinary brands, but the after-sales service of well-known brands is very guaranteed, and the quality is guaranteed, so we try to choose when buying home Everyone is familiar with brand purchase or customization.

Plate selection

There are many panels for manufacturing furniture, many of which have serious excessive formaldehyde. Many brands will choose panels with serious excessive formaldehyde to make furniture for their own interests. Therefore, if we buy finished furniture, we must pay attention to whether the furniture is It has a pungent smell, because the smell of formaldehyde is very pungent. If it is custom furniture, you must choose environmentally friendly and safe panels for customization. Customized furniture can track orders throughout the process, and the price of custom furniture is different for different panels. , If you pay the money, you don’t have to worry about the merchants doing tricks on the sheet because of their own interests. On the one hand, the choice of board is for the health of our family, and on the other hand, it is also one of the gauges to measure the life of furniture, so you should pay special attention when buying home.

Attention to detail

When buying a home, pay attention to the details of the furniture, such as whether the surface of the furniture is smooth and flat without irritating hands, whether the corners are smooth, whether there are cracks, whether the details are damaged, the smell is pungent and not pungent, etc. Be clear, don’t have a bad experience later because of your own negligence. The quality must pass the test. If the quality is not enough, it will affect your health. It is an expense to replace the furniture. It is better to buy a better one. .

The bar table not only satisfies the needs of home improvement but also satisfies people's romantic moods in life. It is a perfect piece of furniture, stylish and useful. You who love life, please come to Tribesigns and add one for your home.

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