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Autumn Bliss Sale: Up to $45 off! Ends in
Autumn Bliss Sale: Up to $45 off!
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When our Founder launched Tribesigns in 2011, he wanted to take his small family business of Bamboo and wooden furniture to the next level. As a master carpenter’s son, he knew that much of the furniture in the e-commerce space often lacked quality and refinement—Together with his wife who had had exceptional design talent, They created Tribesigns brand to deliver well-crafted, exquisite home furnishings to customers all over the globe.

Tribesigns advocates "beautiful, original designs return to nature", takes "transforming every house into home" as its brand mission, aims to achieve the brand vision of "A place for everything... and everything in its place" and is committed to replying its user-centric design and design-driven innovation as the core to create everyone a home that brings them comfort and reflects their unique personality and style, enjoy their life.

After over 10 years of development, Tribesigns' sales network has expanded to cover major e-commerce platforms in Europe and America, with more than 30 overseas warehouses established.


Authorized reseller brand: LITTLE TREE

Do Our Part

Tribesigns provide cozy and efficient home and office solution as a trusted home brand all over the world. We have worked with some of the world's best designers and manufacturers to bring a selection of beautiful furniture to help thousands of customers across the world build comfortable living spaces. And we are paving our way to a healthier, sustainable living with our eco-friendly furniture...

For Our Home, For Our Planet

We are passionately driven to change the world through products with purpose and integrating environmental awareness into daily decision-making at all levels. Whether consumers are looking for eco-friendly products or energy-saving production methods, we carry the highest quality of environmentally friendly furniture and bring our customers closer to nature.

The History of Tribesigns

YEAR 2011

A young man found a huge market vacancy in well-design but high-quality furniture, then he jumped at the opportunity.

YEAR 2012

Enthusiasm Paid Off - Obtained active market response and sales increased by 800% compared to the previous year.

YEAR 2013

Besides specializing in the product, a branch was established to focus on customer service.

YEAR 2015

Rapid Growth - Opened the stores on almost all top platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

YEAR 2018

Tribesigns official website was built, considerate and personalized customer service was provided.

YEAR 2021

We've served more than 2M customers, and the numbers are still growing rapidly.

YEAR 2023

We are still on our way to create a better life for the people...


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