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Your Books, Your Bookcases - Tribesigns

Your Books, Your Bookcases

If you’re the sort of person who loves reading, chances are you have a lot of books. 
You love them, you purchase them, you have lots of them. 
The more books, the fewer spaces, and the more cluttered or overcrowded the room.
You won’t lose them, but you can’t fill them up the entire room. At this time, you can put all the books in the bookcase if there is a bookcase, which makes the room clean without being messy or overcrowded. Here, Tribesigns bookcases will meet your needs.

Tribesigns Triple Wide 5-Shelf Bookcase, Etagere Large Open Bookshelf

With triple wide, 14 open shelves, this bookcase offers a generous amount of space for storage and display. It's not only just for holding books, but also perfect for placing framed family photos, favorite ornaments, and putting your potted plants on display. It is carefully crafted to fit all spaces, whether it’s an office, living room, bedroom, study room, etc.

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Tribesigns 2 Drawer Vertical File Cabinet with Lock & Bookshelf, Letter Size Large Modern Filing Cabinet Printer Stand 

Create versatile storage options in your home, this storage display can not only be used as a file cabinet with two drawers to store important documents but also as a four-layer open bookcase for storage and display. Simple and practical, an elegant option to systematize your collection of books, files, and office supplies.

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Tribesigns 12 Shelves Bookshelf, Industrial Ladder Corner Bookshelf

The ladder corner bookcase respects your valuable floor space while offering level after level of convenient open-front storage in a vintage rustic look. Hosting your books, binders, curious and favorite framed pictures of friends and family.

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Tribesigns 6-Tier Corner Bookshelf Bookcase, Industrial Corner Etagere Bookcase, Vintage 6-Shelf Book Shelves

With L-Shaped space-saving, 6-Tier & 14 open shelves design makes good use of corner or any limited space to provide additional storage space, which allows it to fit into any corner of the room. This 6-layer bookcase can meet all your storage needs, even in tight spaces.

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Tribesigns Super Wide Bookcase 4-Tier Open Storage shelves Industrial Console Sofa Table 

From an entryway to a cluttered living room or used as a bookcase, the rectangular-shaped console table works in many places in a home, it is best to rest against a wall to display decor pieces while also clearing up clutter. This compartmentalized bookshelf features 4 functional and long enough shelf which allows you to browse titles easily on its clean shelves. 

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The Bookcase is one of the main pieces of furniture in the home. It is not only a symbol of culture and civilization but also an expression of people's desire for knowledge. Therefore, for yourself, for comfortable home life, you are welcome to visit the Tribesings website and choose more Tribesings Bookcases.

Precautions for buying bookshelf

The size design of the bookcase

Usually the depth of the finished bookcase we buy is about 30 cm, but this may cause a waste of space, so we can decide according to the size of the book to be placed when we buy.

The depth, width and height of the bookcase

Many people think that the depth of the bookcase can be larger and more books, but in fact, the depth is too large not only takes up space, but it is also very inconvenient to get books. The width and height of the bookcase should be selected according to the layout and size of the home, and the bookcase with the right height can be more convenient for the family.

The shape of the bookcase

The shapes of the more common bookcases currently on the market can be divided into three types: in-line bookcases, L-shaped bookcases and U-shaped bookcases. For a study room with a relatively small area, you can choose a flat-shaped desk. If you want to place it in a corner, you can use the advantage of the corner to choose an L-shaped desk, but it is best not to choose a U-shaped bookcase because it takes up space and looks very depressing. .

Bookcase craftsmanship and accessories

If you want to buy a good bookcase, you mainly depend on the quality of its plates, whether the paint is even, whether it emits a pungent smell when you open it, and whether it makes strange noises when you open and close the door.


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