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How to Cover a Closet without Doors (5 Most Effective Ways) - Tribesigns

How to Cover a Closet without Doors (5 Most Effective Ways)

Nowadays in the house decoration, more and more open design is liked and sought after, such as open kitchen, open dining room, etc...

You may have realized that sometimes installing doors on your closet may not be the best option. Whether it’s because of a limited budget, limited space, or personal preference, there are other ways to cover your closet that balance functionality and beauty.

This article is about the open closet, which is commonly known as the doorless closet. And many people will be curious, not to install the door of the closet? Is it really a good idea?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of not installing doors in closets?

Obviously all things are two-sided, and so is the open closet, which has its own advantages and disadvantages, I'll list them out for you, the choice is yours.

The advantages of open closet

  • More beautiful: open closet more generous, class will also be enhanced, while more conducive to the circulation of air, clothing will be more dry.
  • More affordable: open closet without doors, of course, will save the cost of custom closet doors, and will also save more space.
  • More convenient: if you do not install the cabinet door, it is more convenient to pick up clothes or organize clothes.

Disadvantages of open closet

  • Easy to have dust: although the open doorless closet looks beautiful, the accumulation of dust is inevitable, which in turn increases the workload of housework.
  • Poor privacy: no closet door is no privacy, everything in the cabinet is visible, and more members of the family is not suitable!

How to cover a closet without doors?

Prefer a unique doorless closet, but sometimes want to cover it up? Or don't want it to "open up" anymore? I have five effective ways to cover closet to meet your every need.

Method 1: The simplest, you can directly install a door curtain at the top of the closet

Curtains are an affordable and easy-to-install method of covering your closet. Make sure you choose the right size curtains to completely cover your closet. Additionally, you can use a hanging rail system or a simple rod to hang your curtains so they can be opened and closed easily. Not only can it play a role in blocking dust, it is also convenient to use, if you do not want to organize clothes temporarily, it can be covered up.

As for the color and style of the curtains, you can choose the same color as the closet, or a color that echoes the entire space. If you are not completely sure, it is recommended to choose beige, light gray and so on, these colors are more versatile, generally will not go wrong.

Method 2: Use glass and curtains for partitioning

You can add a combination of glass and curtains between the closet and the bed, as in the picture, and it is also able to block part of the dust. Usually when using, you can open the curtains if the closet is neat enough, and draw the curtains to block when it is messy, both are very convenient.

Compared with the first design, this glass partition design is more beautiful, and it is also very effective in improving indoor lighting and keeping the whole space bright when necessary.

Method 3: The classic way: installing sliding doors

Install sliding doors and get to the root of the problem! However, I suggest that it is better to install a hanging rail box on the ceiling than to install a track design on the floor. Because the floor track recess is easy to accumulate dust, while the choice of hanging rail, you will be able to alleviate a lot of household chores in the future.

Method 4: Cover the closet with a wooden fence

On both sides of the periphery or on the side of the bed, use the wooden fence to enclose, forming a freestanding checkroom.

The wooden fence is not fully closed, so it will not affect the light, and the internal space does not need too much, only need to accommodate a person, usually will not affect the use. However, we should also pay attention to the transformation costs, will be a considerable amount of money.

Method 5: Cover the closet with other furniture that is easy to move

What in the room is big enough to cover the closet and light enough to move around at any time? Our first choice is a full-length mirror! If you are crafty, you may be able to mount it directly on the closet and turn it into a unique mirror door.

Of course, if you don't think any of these closet decor ideas are satisfactory, repurchasing a closet with doors is a great option. Tribesigns is good at listening to its customers when it comes to closet and rack design, and humanizing the design from the essence, ensuring you won't have to Google for help in the future.

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