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What is a sideboard? The difference of sideboard and wine cabinet - Tribesigns

What is a sideboard? The difference of sideboard and wine cabinet

What is a sideboard

Sideboard is a small cabinet placed next to the dining table to store food or tableware. The appearance of sideboard not only facilitates people to take food and tableware, but also decorates the dining room. At home, people put their tableware in the kitchen cabinets. While in outdoor places, sideboards will be used more, and the use of places are some collective life, such as schools, companies, etc.. Dining in these places, for hygiene must pay more attention, therefore, always clean and maintain them, is also the focus of our attention.

The function of the sideboard

Most people think that since the sideboard on the table, of course, is to put some tableware, that is, to store things. But with the improvement of living standards, people put forward more requirements for the function of the sideboard.
Sideboard with glass window, focus on the display function. The homeowner can put some exquisite tableware in the sideboard to show his collection to his guests. Elegantly designed sideboards not only store things, but also echo the home decor and become the decorator of the home. There are also sideboards that have small countertops on which the homeowner can simply prepare meals. Small sideboards play an important role by combining storage, beautification, and meal preparation in one.

Although today's sideboard storage cabinet has a lot of shape and design, design solutions have a variety of design styles such as openwork and European classical, modern American, but the key role is still used to store a larger number of tableware.

The difference between sideboard and wine cabinet

  • Shape and design

The volume of the tableware cabinet is generally very large, the internal role of a variety of zoning, is generally divided into left and right double, closed and open close combination. And wine cabinet is not the same, it tends to fashion trend, usually choose a lot of shaped design program, a variety of graphic patchwork, the integration of high and low cabinets, the integration of wall cabinets and vertical cabinets, laminated glass and solid wood panel integration, can generate a great visual impact.

  • Specifications

Sideboard and wine cabinet design specifications are not fixed limits, but you can not just pick a large, or occupy a large total area is not convenient to move, based on its main use and placement parts to refer to the specifications. Sideboard is mainly storage and organization, can not be too high, too high wooden cabinet top is not convenient to take and put.
But not the same design style specifications are not the same, such as simple European style favor practical, high width ratio to be relatively high, the new Chinese dining sideboard favor storage, so the high width ratio is relatively low and long. The wine cabinet is generally higher than the sideboard, usually to ensure that through the top.

  •  Function

Sideboard can be used to place things, if with openwork or other more gorgeous shape, it can also be used to decorate the hotel. There are some dining sideboard design program of small cabinet countertops, can be used as a prepared meal cabinet. The effect of the wine cabinet is used to put wine, can also be used as a display cabinet, there are some different looks of contemporary style wine cabinet can decorate the house, there are some wine cabinet has a lot of decoration partition can also be used for storage and finishing items.

  • Installation

Level wine cabinet installation is much more complex than the installation of the sideboard, because the wine cabinet is more decorative, so the modeling design will be more diverse, will be a variety of modeling design composition up, decoration partition is quite a lot, there may be some fancy need to hang on the wall.

And sideboard is mainly assembled, styling design is generally not complex, installation will not be difficult.

  • Final effect

Sideboard is mainly used for storage and finishing, generally can make the living room looks neat and beautiful generous. And for the wine cabinet in the family dining room is more fashionable and trendy, mainly for placing a variety of wine on display, the general shape more aesthetic, very effective in decorating the house, compared to the sideboard is more practical, while the wine cabinet is better decorative. In contrast, the dining room cabinet is more practical, while the wine cabinet is better decorative.

How to choose a sideboard

1. The shape of the sideboard

According to the kitchen, the layout of the sideboard can be used in the following ways: single column, double column, L-shaped, U-shaped, island layout, etc. According to the use of the kitchen area and the type of room to choose the desired style of sideboard is also the key. Some sideboards do not only include the location of the console, basin and hanging cabinets in the design, so take full consideration of the matching when buying sideboards and determine the sideboard style from the space.

2. The color of the sideboard

Side panels are mainly available in beige, yellow, wood, green, brown, black and other colors. You need to consider the overall style of the home to determine the color of the sideboard when you shop. Different styles of decoration and sideboard colors are different. Do not blindly determine the color of the cabinet, so as not to become the failure of home decoration.

3. Side panel material

Currently on the market sideboard surface materials are very abundant, the most common are solid wood, artificial board, glass, stainless steel and so on. The whole cabinet of solid wood sideboard is solid wood. This cabinet style is traditional, environmentally friendly and natural. Many details are carefully decorated and carved, but the price is more expensive.

4. Location and function

As the size of sideboard is often limited by its location, you should know the location and size of the sideboard before you buy it. If the location of the dining table is wider, you can buy a larger, you can also buy a few small sideboard together. If the location is small, you can only buy a smaller one, especially the depth of the cabinet should not be too deep, otherwise it will take up too much space and become crowded. Sideboard should meet the requirements of placing common wine and tea sets and a small number of cups and plates.

The above is the analysis of the sideboard and wine cabinet. Sideboard and wine cooler in different areas and have something in common, both can be used for storage and organization, ornamentation, but interior decoration should be based on the total area of housing construction to design and production. Compared to the two, the application of the sideboard is relatively high, and has the same effect of decorating the house, the installation is relatively convenient.

Based on the above, Tribesigns has handpicked a wide variety of sideboards and wine cabinets for you, surely there is one that will meet your needs.

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