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Tribesigns Best Nightstands or Bedsides Tables for Your Bedrooms - Tribesigns

Tribesigns Best Nightstands or Bedsides Tables for Your Bedrooms

The nightstand is not necessary furniture, you can decide whether you want it or not according to your personal preference. However, because the bedside table can be used to hold things that may be needed at any time, which is convenient and fast. It can also be used as decorative supplies. Many people still choose to place 1-2 bedside tables in the bedroom. If you decide to buy a Nightstand, but don't know how to choose, why not go to Tribesigns website, there is always one that you like. 

Wooden and Simple Style- Nightstand with Drawer, End Table, Side Table

The bedside table makes everything within reach and is convenient to store your items, it keeps the lamp, alarm clock, books, mobile phones, or other daily necessities organized.
With metal drawer slide rails offer ample space to store essentials, ideal for use with low platform beds or in smaller spaces.
With a simple and practical modern style, this table can be used as a sofa table/tea table/end table and nightstands/bedside table.
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Stylish and Chic Nightstand- Bedside Table with 2 Drawers & Open Shelf 

Modern nightstand with 2 drawers, classified to store the trivial life, protect the privacy and prevent dust.
The metal sliding rail provides a smooth glide for you to reach all your bedroom necessities quickly and easily.
Crafted with high-quality particleboard and metal frame, strengthen stability and durability.
It can be worked as a bedside table/sofa table/end table/side table for the living room or bedroom.
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Multifunctional Bedside Table-Modern Nightstand and Storage Bookshelf

Modern style will blend well into your home décor, adding a touch of elegant inspiration to your bedroom, living room, or entryway.
Not only can be used as a nightstand, but also as a storage shelf, bedside table, storage rack, and home organizer, bookshelf bookcase.
Made of the thick board with a sturdy metal frame to strengthen stability and load-bearing.
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How to choose the right bedside lamp

Safety first

Choose high-quality and guaranteed regular products instead of heavy-quality lampshades and decorations. The second is to be harmonious and unified with the style of the bedroom. Then the light must be soft, the kind that can adjust the brightness is best, and the kind that is convenient to control the switch when lying in bed. Generally, the color of the bedside lamp should be warm or neutral light, such as off-white, light orange, milky white, etc. The light of the bedside lamp should be soft, not to reduce the brightness, the dim light will give people It causes depression and damages eyesight for people who have the habit of reading and looking at mobile phones before going to bed.

Adjustable brightness

It is best to choose a light that can adjust the brightness, so that it will not affect others' rest.

The material of the lampshade is soft

Crystal lamps or table lamps with transparent glass lampshades are good-looking, but the dazzling light is not good for reading or getting up at night. It is best to choose frosted glass, cloth surface, shells and other lampshades that can soften the light.


The choice of bedside lamp is generally based on the size of the room, the placement of the furniture, the overall decoration style and personal needs to determine the type of lamp. Table lamps and wall lamps are the first choice for bedside lamps in most families. The size and number of table lamps can be selected according to the size, style, texture, or personal preference of the bedside table. One lamp can be placed alone or two lamps can be placed symmetrically. Wall lamps need to be selected according to the size of the bed. Usually a large bed should be installed on the wall on both sides of the bed, and a double-headed wall lamp should be installed in the middle of the bed. If you want to read easily, you can also choose a wall lamp with a telescopic handle and an adjustable lamp holder.

Nightstands are the finishing touch that every bedroom needs. If you want to turn your bedroom into a glam zone, You're welcome to visit Tribesigns website to see and learn more.

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