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Set up the Perfect Home Working Station - Tribesigns

Set up the Perfect Home Working Station

 In recent years, a working area is no longer a dispensable space because of the increasing number of people working from home, since the covid-19 spread. So the comfort and the decor of the home working area is becoming important as well.


 A comfortable home working station will help us focus well, and boost our productivity. So here is the question, how to design a small home office reasonably?


 First, color matching of the walls is important for home office decoration but most of us may ignore it. It is better to choose light colors such as light blue, light beige, light green, etc. These light colors can create a relaxing atmosphere, alleviate stress, and keep cool-headed.


 Second, choose the right bookcase. A small bookcase with a great organization is better than a large bulky one for a small area. To utilize every inch in a home office, the bookcase should be determined according to the room layout and size. The bookcase desk, combining the computer desk and bookshelf can make the space more effective. Selecting a color in cool tones will be good. It is OK to pick a simple and generous type, no need to be very tall.


 Third, light sources and lighting. If there is a window in the study room, the desk must be located next to it. The lighting is neither too bright nor too dark for protecting your eyesight. 60w lights are appropriate, working well in creating a reading atmosphere.


 The last but important thing, is quietness, especially in a small space. Carpets help reduce floor noise as well as beautiful decor in your room. As for the walls and ceilings, sound-absorbing wallpaper and plasterboard can ensure a quiet environment.


 What if we don't have a whole spare room as an independent working area? What should we do?

 It doesn't have to be an entire room, a corner or a small spot in any room can create an amazing home working station.


 What's the trick?


 One corner is enough. Do worry if you have a small-size home, the corner can be surprising. The structure of the corners means double wall space. A desk(an L-shaped desk will be great), a lamp, and a few storage boards on the wall for some books and gadgets. Look, a mini working space is done.


 Use the space under the window, where the light is most sufficient. Set a desk, a laptop, and some books, then you can start your learning process. To reduce the sun glare, use blinds to block the light. The scenery outside the window can relieve eye fatigue after a long time of reading.


 Don't waste your stairwell. Many people overlook the space under the stairs. That's not witty. This is a very great area for working for study naturally. A desk, a chair, and a lamp are enough. Pretty simple, but practical.


 Consider bedside space. The space beside the bed can be designed to be a wonderful working space. Choose a desk that can be your makeup desk as well as your study desk. The dual use of one space, the effective use of tight space.


 It is a trend of the integration of the living room and study room. It will save much space by combining a living room with a study room no matter it is a spacious house or a tight apartment. Spare some space to create a working station in the living room, you can stretch on the sofa easily when you are tired of distance working.


 See, It is easy to create a comfortable home working or study station. The space we need doesn't have to be large. A small space can also build a perfect study place. Can't wait to have your home working office? Do it!


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