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How To Style A Bookcase In Your Home Office - Tribesigns

How To Style A Bookcase In Your Home Office

How To Style A Bookcase In Your Home Office


With the continuous development of the times and the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for quality of life. More and more people like to build a small study room at home for work, study, or reading their favorite books while making coffee, which is relaxing and enjoyable. But if there is no bookcase, it is easy to cause damage to the books, which is not conducive to the protection of books and will also make the space cluttered. So how to design a bookcase? Let's get to know it together.


How do design a bookcase to be practical?

Where to place the bookcase?

How to decorate the bookcase?

12 practical Tribesigns bookcases worth buying


How do design a bookcase to be practical?


1. Use the corners

There are some extra corners in our home, so we can install a bookcase of a suitable size in those corners, which can make use of the corners that are easy to be ignored or the space that is hard to decorate.

2. Wall-mounted bookshelf

The Wall-mounted bookshelf is common in modern homes. This design not only saves home space but also maintains the uniformity and aesthetics of the space, making the home environment look neater. We can smash some of the walls to create a bookcase wall, which not only has storage space but also serves as a home partition, killing two birds with one stone.


3. Clapboard Bookshelf 

The clapboard bookshelf is to create a clapboard on the wall, which is used to place books and other items and is generally installed above the desk. In this way, you can make full use of the wall space and make the home design look more three-dimensional. The clapboard bookcase is very flexible, and it can be installed even in very small home spaces, which is simple, convenient, and practical.


4. Rolling Bookshelf

The space in the house is small, but if you still want a bookcase, the rolling bookshelf is a good choice. This kind of bookshelf can usually be fixed in one place like ordinary bookshelves. When necessary, the bookcase can be moved freely to serve different functions in different areas, such as being used as a bedside table, as a desk by the bay window, etc. It is stylish. practical.


Where to place the bookcase?

Regarding the placement of bookcases, it does not have to be placed in the study. Bookshelves can also appear anywhere in the home, such as in the living room, attic, aisle, bedroom... and even the bathroom. It is comfortable and convenient to read at any time.


Since the position of the bookcase can be placed at will, the style of the bookcase does not need to be too rigid. Make some changes in form, such as making the original square bookshelf into a superimposed two squares, like a decoration hanging on the wall, full of artistic sense. If you don’t have many books in your home, and you want to have beautiful bookshelves to add some intellectual atmosphere, you might as well choose a small bookshelf with a sense of design. If there are enough books in the home, the bookshelves should not be designed in a very complicated style, because the full books are a good decoration in themselves. It is easy to create a deep reading feeling by making a simple dark large bookcase and matching the spotlights that make the light fall from the top of the head.


How to decorate the bookcase?

There are 3 ways to decorate the bookcase:

1. Add the placement of plants

Adding plants can bring more vitality to the bookcase. Sometimes when you get tired of reading, take a look at these green plants to relieve eye fatigue.


2. Put some small illustrations

Some individual illustrations and artistic pictures can be placed within a certain height of the bookcase, which will not burden the bookcase, and these illustrations in different colors and styles can also bring personality and fashion to the entire bookcase. And there are many places to put pictures. In addition to being placed on the bookshelf, you can also place them on the bookcase, and arrange them reasonably according to the style of your bookcase.


In addition to placing some small illustrations, you can also place some trophies, globes, knick-knacks, family photos, and other decorations.


3. Add books

The essential function of a bookcase is to place books. Pay attention to a certain order for the placement of books, to improve the aesthetics.


It is not recommended that you fill the entire bookcase with books, which will make people feel that the entire bookshelf is more crowded in terms of vision. Putting books too full makes people feel that there is a lack of interest. Consider some interesting ways to arrange books based on your creativity and visual effects.


Note the placement of books. The method of laying flat and superimposing is suitable for large books, while small and delicate books can be placed side by side on the bookshelf, so that the horizontal and vertical storage method does not make the display of books appear rigid, giving people a novel visual experience.


12 practical Tribesigns bookcases worth buying

Tribesigns 6-Tier Corner Bookshelf Bookcase, Industrial Corner Etagere Bookcase

Tribesigns Corner Bookshelf, 6-Tier Bookcase Corner Storage Display Stand

If you’re looking for a quality but good-looking Corner Bookshelf, this creative 6-Tier Corner Bookshelf is ideal for limited space storage options!



Material:0.59" E1 Particle Board + Metal Frame

Overall Dims: 37.4”L x37.4"W x 70.86H

Maximum Bearing Capacity:300lbs

Gross Weight: 127lbs



Featuring a minimalistic design, this wood bookcase helps you declutter your space and effortlessly blends with a variety of decor styles.

L-shaped designs fit any corner wall, suitable for various scenarios.

The open shelves design allows you to easily display various memorabilia, photos, books, and much more.

Sturdy and Durable – crafted with sturdy steel frame and MDF board

Assembly is a piece of cake. Hardware and instruction are included.


Tribesigns Triple Wide 5-Shelf Bookcase, Etagere Large Open Bookshelf Vintage Industrial Style Shelves

Tribesigns Industrial Large 5-Tier Bookshelves, triple wide industrial 14 shelves bookcase, Etagere



Weight: 107 lbs

Over Size: 70.86" x 12.59" x69.29"

Material: E1 particle board + Metal frame

Height between Shelves: 14.17"

Style: Modern, Industrial

Product Type: Bookshelf/bookcase / Display Shelf / Storage Organizer



This elegant 5-tier bookcase has a minimalist style that can fit your home office or living room.

The open-shelving structure will add visual space to your small apartment.

With an x-shape detail in the back to add a special element to the design.

The 4 adjustable pads on the bottom can be used on uneven ground to ensure the desk is stable while protecting your floor from scratches.

Each shelf (14 shelves) can accommodate up to 75 lbs.

Tribesigns 12 Shelves Bookshelf, Industrial Ladder Corner Bookshelf 9 Cubes Stepped Etagere Bookcase

Shelves & Shelving Units - Tribesigns



Material: E1 class particle board + metal frame

Item Dimension: 45.66" (L) x 11.81'' (W) x 51.57'' (H)

Package Dimension: 55.12" (L) x 14.17'' (W) x 7.87'' (H)

Weight:28.2kg/62.17 pounds

Product Type: Bookshelf / bookcase / Display Shelf / Storage Organizer / Room Divider

Shape: Step type with 12 Ladder Shelves


This 12 shelves bookcase is perfect for a trendy, industrial-chic look. The shelf has numerous shelves to place artworks, toys, photo albums, and other household necessities. Keep this cabinet in the living space to hold decor pieces, or in the study to arrange your books and magazines. This corner bookcase provides storage, style, and space-saving solutions in one fell swoop.

Tribesigns 5 Tiers Bookcase, 5-Shelf Industrial Style Etagere Bookcases and Book Shelves

Shelves & Shelving Units - Tribesigns



Color: Rustic Brown

Safe Material: Particle board+ Steel

Item Weight: 70 lbs

Item Size: 47.24”L* 11.8”W* 71.65”H



Tribesigns 5-Shelf Industrial Style Bookcases with the back fence, Adds practical, linear, and chic to your room.

Provide upright back panels to stop things from falling off.

Store your files, books, photos, potted plants, and other office supplies on these functional shelves.

Solid construction provides durability and the rich finish brings an elegant touch to the piece.

E1 class environment protection particle wood features waterproof, anti-scratch, and fireproof.


Tribesigns 4-Tier Bookshelf, A-Shaped Bookcase 4 Shelves Industrial Ladder Shelf

Bookcases, Shelves & Shelving Units, Storage, Living Room Furniture, Pre-Order - Tribesigns



Material: E1 Particle Board + Metal Frame

Overall Size: 35.5”L x 13.8”W x 65”H

Distance Between Shelves:12.8”H



Multifunctional Bookshelves and Bookcases, Suitable for Many Different Applications

Living Room /Bedroom: Easy to keep things organized, or for displaying your favorite collections and family photos to create a cozy feeling.

Home Office: Works well in an office for holding books, folders, and ornaments. It fits well in tight spaces, a great book rack for small offices or limited space.

Kitchen: Can be used as a kitchen utility storage shelf for storing microwave, stand mixer, juicer, coffee machine, spices, cutlery, or kitchen herbs.

Bathroom: Great size shelving unit for organizing towels, Aromatherapy, and toiletries.

Tribesigns Bookshelf Bookcase, Industrial 10-Open Shelf Etagere Bookcase

Shelves & Shelving Units - Tribesigns



Shelf Material: Manufactured Wood

Assembly Required: Yes

Dimension: 70.86'' H x 39.37'' W x 11.8''

Weight: 28.9kg/63.71lb



Industrial furniture design is stunning and practical, presenting durability without compromising on aesthetics.

A fine fit for factory-chic lofts and modern farmhouses alike, it offers an industrial look with a metal frame and wood elements.

An excellent choice for books, trophies, plants, and much more.

Offers 5 tiered shelves for convenient display in your home or office.

Doubles as a bookshelf or room divider with an open-back design.


Tribesigns 5 Tier 70 inch TallCorner Bookshelf and Bookcase, Small Corner Shelves

Shelves & Shelving Units - Tribesigns



Material: E1 Particle Board + Metal Frame

Overall Size: 15”L x 15”W x 70”H

Weight: 35lbs

Maximum. The static load capacity of each shelf: 15 lbs



The 5-tier bookshelf can be used as a bookcase, plant stand, kitchenware and spices storage in the kitchen, open case display for collections, or whatever you want.

Meet your needs and create a calm and fresh atmosphere for your room.

Constructed of high-quality MDF board and metal frame, ensure the corner shelf can hold a considerable amount of weight(each shelf holds up to 15 lbs).


Widely Used 5-Tier Open Shelves Corner Shelf Stand

Living Room: Small size fits well in any corners, makes good use of limited space, provides additional storage space, and keeps everything organized.

Bedroom: A great corner shelf stands for displaying your family photos and favorite collections.

Kitchen: Great size corner storage shelf for a small kitchen, perfect for storing spices, cutlery, or kitchen herbs.

Balcony: Works well as an indoor plant stand or flower rack to hold/display potted plants.


Tribesigns Bookcase, 4-Tier Rustic Bookshelf with 2 Drawers, Etagere Standard Book Shelves

 Shelves & Shelving Units - Tribesigns



Material: Particle Board + Metal

Dimension: 23.62”*15.75”*59.05”(L x W x H)

Weight: 70.55lb

Assembly Required: Yes



This metal and wood bookshelf can go with an eclectic style of furniture in your living room, study room, office, or more.

Features 4-tier shelves and 2 Drawers, this standing bookshelf provide a spacious storage room.

Drawers can run smoothly with double metal roller slides and built-in safety stops.

Shelves are durable, waterproof, and anti-scratch.


Tribesigns 6 Tier Bookshelf 71 inch Tall Bookcase, Industrial Etagere Bookcase, and Bookshelves

Shelves & Shelving Units, Bookcases, Office Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Pre-Order - Tribesigns



Material: E1 Particle Board + Metal Frame

Overall Size: 47.24L x 11.81W x 71.65H

Weight: 80 lbs



The A-shaped detail frame adds an extra special element to this daring design. Double 5-tier bookshelves combine strong, sturdy, and beautiful in their grain with vintage and industrial style that would not let you down in the long run!

This piece ships with step-by-step instructions, so the setup is a cinch!

Crafted with a Sturdy and Durable steel frame and MDF board. 

Multiple levels of spacious shelves offer enough space for storage and display

Multi-scene use in the living room, study, bedroom, and office.

The aesthetics of the additional A-shaped frame makes the appearance generous and elegant.

Tribesigns Ladder Bookshelf, 5-Tier Tall Ladder Shelves, Modern Leaning Bookshelf

Shelves & Shelving Units - Tribesigns

Tribesigns 5 Shelf Ladder Bookshelf Modern Bookcase, A Great Solution for Organizing Your Books, Collections, Nickknacks, Ornaments.



Material: E1 Particle Board + Metal Frame

Overall Size: 23.6”L x 15.7”W x 56.5”H

Height Between the Shelves: 11.8”

Weight: 45lbs


This functional ladder bookshelf applies to many occasions:

Living room: A great living room storage for placing family photos on the shelves to create a cozy feeling. Can be used as an entertainment shelving unit to hold DVD, mini stereo, and cable box next to the TV.

Office: This bookshelf works well in an office for holding books, folders, and ornaments. It fits well in tight spaces, a great storage shelf for small offices or limited space

Kitchen: This storage shelf is sturdy enough to hold heavier kitchen utensils like juicers, pans, and small kitchen appliances. Perfect corner storage for small kitchen

Balcony: Works well as a plant stand or flower rack to hold/display a potted plant

Bathroom: Great size shelving unit for organizing towels, Aromatherapy, and toiletries



Children are not allowed to climb on or play with the product for safety reasons.

Please attach the product to the wall with the included anti-tip kit for safety.


Tribesigns Triple Wide 5-Tier Bookshelf with 2 Drawers, Rustic Etagere Book Shelves Display Shelf

Tribesigns Bookcase, Triple Wide 5-Tier Bookshelf with 2 Drawers


Tribesigns' 14-tier open shelves are perfect for displaying rows of novels and framed photos while the 2 drawers are great for stowing away accessories.


Size: 70.86”L*13.77”W*69”H

Weight: 134 lbs

Color: Brown+Black

Material: E1 particle board + Black metal frame



Bringing both style and storage space to your ensemble, this bookcase is essential for any well-organized abode.

Fourteen open shelves provide plenty of space to store and showcase well-thumbed novels, photographs, and more, and after assembly, each one can support up to 75 lbs.

The integrated drawer should be a perfect choice for your spacing-saving solution. You can place it in the bedroom, den, kitchen, kid's room, living room, or office.

Made of a thick MDF panel and metal frame this shelf ladder is durable.


Tribesigns Modern Bookcase, 5-Shelf Storage Organizer Bookshelf with 14-Cube Display Book Shelf

Shelves & Shelving Units - Tribesigns



Safe Material: Particle board

Item Weight: 57lbs

Packing Weight: 62 lbs

Packing Dimension: 63.78" L * 11.02" W * 7.87" H

Item Size: 37.79”L* 7.87”W* 59.05”H



The h-Shaped structure of the bookshelf can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

E1 class environment protection particle wood features waterproof, anti-scratch, and fireproof.

Store your files, books, photos, potted plants, and other office supplies on these "H" shaped shelves.

Solid construction provides durability and the rich finish brings an elegant touch to the piece.

Expand the storage capabilities of your Room with this Tribesigns 5 shelves, perfect for any room or study.

The bookcase is more and more suitable for people who like to read. It can not only place many items but also become the decoration of the home or office, which is beautiful and practical. We hope the above introduction can help you design and choose the bookshelf that you are satisfied with.

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