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How To Choose The Right Vanity Desk? - Tribesigns

How To Choose The Right Vanity Desk?

The makeup vanity has become an indispensable part of home design. It is not only used as furniture for dressing up, but also adds an element of glamour and functionality to your bedroom. So how to choose the right vanity desk for your home? Here are some tips.

1.The Vanity Type or Style

Everyone has their aesthetic tastes. The retro or modern type? With large storage space or not large storage space? As long as you like it. But be sure to choose a style that is easy to clean, so that the cosmetics will not penetrate the dressing table and affect the appearance of the dressing vanity

Below Tribesigns two types of vanity may meet your needs.
The first one is the Retro type, Which also has large storage space
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The second one is the Modern type, simple, have no large storage space
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2.The Vanity Mirror

The makeup dresser mirror is used to see all angles of your face and whether there is any problem when you make up. So you can't just choose it casually. The best choice is that the mirror with LED bulbs or a folding mirror design.

Below Tribesigns vanity desk with large mirror with LED lights
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3.The Vanity Quality

Quality is a priority factor  when we buy any products. Of course, the choice of makeup table is included. Nowadays, most dressing tables are made of artificial plates, such as MDF and particleboard. which contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. It is not as environmentally friendly as solid wood furniture made of whole wood or logs. So pay attention to the formaldehyde content and quality instructions when choosing a makeup vanity. Do not buy a vanity table with a pungent smell.

4.The Vanity Size

Choose the appropriate makeup vanity according to the size of the room, so that the bedroom will be coordinated as a whole. In addition, pay attention to select the appropriate vanity type and style, so as create a better home environment.
Focuses on the tabletop height( the height from the tabletop to the ground, not the overall vanity height). Everyone’s height is different, so is the sitting posture. To make makeup easier, pay attention to this height when purchasing.
Usually, there have two types for vanity size. The first is that the person can put their legs under the tabletop. The advantages of this size dressing table are that the person is close to the mirror that can see the face clearly and also convenient for make-up. The dressing stool can also be put under the tabletop to save space when not in use. The second is to have a large mirror so that most of the body of the person can be seen in the mirror, and it also can add a sense of spaciousness and comfort to the room.

5.The Vanity Stool

Be sure to confirm if there is a matching stool when selecting a makeup desk. It is best to choose a dressing vanity with a matching stool so that it will not coordinate with the overall vanity. If there is no matching stool, please picks a stool that matches the style of the vanity table by yourself.

Tribesigns has several dressing vanity with stool:
This vanity, with a matching stool. When removing the mirror, it can also be used as a desk for a laptop or study desk.
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The same vanity table but stool in a different color, choose the color you like!
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Where is the best place for a dresser in the bedroom?

1, dresser mirror should not be relative to the door, because the door is the only channel in the bedroom gas field circulation, with a straight evil spirit, if the two relative so evil spirit will be more severe, adverse to the physical and mental health of the residents.

2, the dresser had better be placed in the position by the wall, but it can not be placed in the form of triangle by the corner, so it is a waste of space, should be placed along the corner. The bedroom with small area, should set out from energy-saving space, dresser and other furniture are put together, can save a space so. A dresser can also be integrated into a bedside table.

3, dressing mirror do not shine on the head of the bed, otherwise, easy to have nightmares or poor spirit. Dresser and TV ark form a combination, stand by wave window to put, and face face is not right to the head of a bed, won't produce overmuch reverse shadow, from geomantic and light line it is more appropriate to put.

4. The best and ideal way to put the bedroom dresser is to keep a parallel and consistent state with the sitting direction of the dresser mirror and our bed. Of such bedroom dresser put and bed can form geomantic magnetic field of a kind of harmonious balance. If you don't have enough space to put your bedroom dresser in a perfect place, choose a dresser with a mirror door so that it can be covered.

The dresser had better be set in the bedroom, because the dresser represents the intimate of the individual. Because the space of the bedroom is narrow, a lot of people can move dresser to other room, not only lose concealed close sex so, to the protection of private thing and influence also can be reduced greatly.


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