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Furniture Choices for Living Room-Modern TV Stands - Tribesigns

Furniture Choices for Living Room-Modern TV Stands

Nowadays, TV stand has become one of the indispensable common furniture. This is because it can not only decorate the living room, but also provide storage space. Modern TV stand is simple and in good taste, which well meets people's requirements for home decoration and conforms to the concept of modern home decoration. However, do you really know anything about long tv stand? This article will introduce the bedroom tv stand in the following aspects.

What are the styles of modern simple TV stand?

What are the materials of TV stand ?

How to maintain and clean the TV stand?

Three Recommended modern TV stands worth buying

What are the styles of modern simple TV stand?

1. American Simple Style

American TV stand is one of the classic modern simple TV stand styles. American furniture has always been known for its comfort and generosity, and most of them are classic white. The simple and elegant white conveys a light and natural message to us and gives us a feeling of embracing nature. Americans regard American furniture as the pride of the family and will put it in the most prominent position in the living room. The American-style TV stand is simple and natural, removing the complicated carvings of European-style furniture, reflecting a low-key luxury.

2. Modern Chinese Style

Modern Chinese style continues China's conservative and implicit tradition, giving people a touch of elegance. It is another modern simple TV stand style that has to be said. Modern Chinese-style furniture is simple and generous. Although there is not too much decoration, its own charm is irresistible. Beautiful yet elegant, it plays an important role in enhancing the overall style of the room and creating visual effects. Modern Chinese-style TV stands are a very good choice.

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3. Mediterranean Style

When it comes to the characteristics of Mediterranean-style TV stand, what I have to say is the alternating color of white and blue. The most prominent feature of Mediterranean TV stand belongs to its Mediterranean affinity. This kind of narrow tv stand is very generous and is very sought after and loved by contemporary people. Clean colors allow us to quickly dissipate fatigue and forget unhappiness.

What are the materials of TV stand ?

1. Marble TV Stand

Marble TV stand is more fashionable and stable, easy to maintain and has a long service life. A high-quality marble TV stand may be a good choice. However, the density of marble is relatively high, and it needs strong support. If the tall tv stand is suspended, it is recommended to focus on the main point of force. Marble can be radioactive, does not meet environmental requirements and is expensive.

2. Artificial Stone TV Stand

The appearance of artificial stone TV stand is more beautiful and durable. It is environment-friendly and has no radiation. It has strong selectivity. The weight is slightly lighter than marble, and the price is slightly cheaper than marble.

3. Fireproof Plate TV Stand

Fireproof board is the most widely used board material. Its color contrast is bright, and it has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, simple cleaning, moisture resistance, non-fading, and affordable price. However, this kind of board is a flat material, which cannot create three-dimensional effects such as height and metal, and has a slightly poor sense of fashion. For friends who do not have much pursuit of fashion, it is also good to choose a fire-resistant TV stand.

4. Solid Wood Panel TV Stand

This kind of corner tv stand is ancient in style, and the appearance gives people a simple and dignified feeling. Usually, the price is higher.

5. Paint Baking Plate TV Stand

The base material of the paint baking board is MDF. The varnished board is characterized by bright color, very beautiful and excellent waterproof function, strong anti-fouling ability, and easy to clean. The disadvantage is that it requires a high level of craftsmanship, so the price is relatively high.

6. Glass TV Stand

A strong sense of modernity, but relatively fragile. Tempered glass TV stand is easy to be damaged, the cost of glass processing is high and the practicability is poor.

How to maintain and clean the TV stand?

1. The interior of the TV stand or the back of the TV stand is easy to accumulate dust. Therefore, it is usually necessary to wipe it with a clean rag.

2. The action of opening and closing the door panel or drawer should not be too rude, especially the TV stand made of glass. Improper use can cause unexpected damage.

3. In order to ensure the brightness of the TV stand, it should be diluted with olive oil and water, and then wiped with a cloth.

4. When cleaning the TV stand, wipe it with a wrung wet towel to avoid unnecessary scratches on the TV stand, and try to avoid chemicals that can cause corrosion of the wooden TV stand, so as not to damage the TV stand .

In addition, due to the different materials of TV stands, maintenance methods are also different.

Panel TV stands: Like all panel furniture, panel TV stands should be protected from moisture and avoid direct sunlight.

Glass TV stands: Do not wipe this kind of TV stand with a hard rag when wiping it.

Three Recommend modern TV stands worth buying

Tribesigns Gold TV Stand with Drawer, 55 Inch Media Stand TV Console


Clean cut and functional, this Tribesigns Modern TV Stand for TVs up to 60" has everything you need for media storage.

TV Stand with Modern Style: Constructed of gold metal frame and finished in faux marble veneer, three-tier shelves with drawer, the sleek glam look creates the Nordic style fitting well with your personal taste and interior décor, without sacrificing functionality and practicality at meanwhile.

Versatile Hall Console Table: Whether used as a TV stand console table in the living room or as an entryway console table in the foyer, a coffee table in the house, or a serving stand in the kitchen, the table can be perfect to hold everyday belongings and cut the clutter in your home.

Spacious Storage Space: One short center shelf and lower shelf are perfect for displaying your cable box, soundbar, and entertainment consoles, while the large lower drawer is great for housing A/V accessories.

Reliable TV Stand Console Table: Combination with a sturdy metal frame and high-strength chipboard ensures the high stability and durability of the TV cabinet. Make the max load capacity is 200 lbs, with no serious shake or movement.

Tribesigns 47 inches TV Stand, Golden Media Stand with Net Storage Shelf


The White and gold color will blend well into your home décor, adding a touch of modern inspiration to your living room, study, or entryway.

Versatile Hall TV Stand: It's not just a TV media stand, This standing shelf can be used as an entertainment center, console Table, and Sofa Entry Table, and you can use it for actual storage in any place in your room.

Spacious Storage Space: 4 open shelves are built in providing a storage solution to keep your entryway or hallway clutter-free, they add essential storage to your books, magazines, and other decorative items without taking up too much square footage

Robust Construction: Constructed from 0.58” particle board that enhances optimal strength and durability, the 0.98” sturdy metal frame is made up of thick and wide steel which ensures a better load-bearing and long service life.

Tribesigns Modern TV Stand with Storage Shelves, 4-Tier Console Table,Sofa Table with Faux Marble Veneer


White marbling finish tabletop meets gold metal legs, this modern TV stand can cheer up your home and perfectly blend with your house.

Modern Style: This 4-tier TV stand console table has a great aesthetic and will not out of fashion. Its clean lines create a simple and elegant look, which can well match your other furniture, and upgrade your room aesthetic to a new height.

Large Storage Space: Different height board design to adapt to items of different sizes, this entryway table provides the perfect space to display your family photos, collections, plants, and more, making your stuff neat and tidy.

Wide Application: Whether you choose to use this in your foyer as a console table, spare bedroom as a TV stand, or living room as a sofa table, this 4-tier hallway table will make a stylish and practical addition to your home.

This article tells you more information about Modern TV Stands from many aspects and I hope it really can help you.

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