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Basic Characteristics of American Country Style - Tribesigns

Basic Characteristics of American Country Style

Basic characteristics of American country style

1. The American country's style is pragmatic, standardized, and mature. Take the middle class in the United States as an example. They have a fairly good income as support, so they can freely develop their own preferences in larger rooms. The design cases also show the taste, hobbies, and life of their occupants to a considerable extent. Values.

2. American country-style furniture is usually simple and hearty, with simple lines and rough volume. From the selection of furniture colors, maple and walnut are the first choices for American furniture. Some furniture is also made of nostalgic white, but the materials are still retained. The original texture and texture. The textured design of some furniture deliberately adds the related marks of "worm-eaten" and "scar" to create a nostalgic and simple texture, highlighting the natural and primitive beauty of coarse minerals. The country style is based on the main design principles of "advocating primitive" match "returning to nature", which belongs to the category of naturalistic style, and strives to create a leisurely, comfortable, and natural rural home atmosphere in the home design. The selection of materials is also very wide: solid wood, printed cloth, hand-woven cloth, linen fabric, and natural cut stone...The style is outstanding, the style is clear and cozy, the appearance is elegant and casual, and the colors are mostly elegant slate and antique white. The lines are random but pay attention to clean and capable. It should be said that it abandons the cumbersome and luxurious, and combines the elegant shape of classicism and the functional equipment of neoclassicism. It is concise and clear, and easy to take care of. It is naturally more suitable for modern people's daily use. Compared with other styles of hand-painted furniture, American pastoral has a wider range of furniture categories.

3. The variety of American country accessories emphasizes the natural comfort of life, highlights the elegant and comfortable style, and the elegant and casual appearance. Cloth, various complicated flowers, and plants are important elements in the American pastoral style. The rustic textures of natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, and other materials are often used. It is skillful in setting up indoor greenery to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere.

American country style home brand

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