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9 best tips for choosing bookshelf in 2022 - Tribesigns

9 best tips for choosing bookshelf in 2022

For people who usually like to read books, it is really a better choice to configure bookshelves for themselves at home. I am a person who likes to read books very much. I have bought more than a dozen bookshelves. Some bookshelves were cheap when they were bought, and the material was not good. They collapsed after a few months of use. Some of the pictures are beautiful, but they don't fit into a few books when they are bought. Others are purely dazzling, not knowing which one to buy, and finally buy them randomly. Anyway, how cool it is to buy a bookshelf, how painful it is to use it.

However, failure is the mother of success. I also summed up the routine from the experience of so many failures. The price/performance ratio of the bookshelf bought in the past two years is still OK. Based on my own buying experience, I combined the recommendations of people around me, and referred to the information on the Internet, I have compiled this guide for selecting bookshelves.This article will tell you more information about bookshelf from the following four aspects.

9 best tips for choosing bookshelf

What are the styles of the new  bookshelf

Bookshelf use considerations

People also ask these questions

9 best tips for choosing bookshelf

1. Is your bookshelf in a corner or a place with plenty of space

If your home has only a half-meter-wide corner, choose a corner bookshelf or a revolving bookshelf or a slender bookcase.

If your bookshelf is to be placed in the living room, study and other places with sufficient space, then choose the height and width of the space.

2. Do you buy your bookshelf for your child or yourself.

If you buy it for your child, you should choose an environmentally friendly board, a bookshelf with a stable frame and a low height.

If buying for adults, focus on heavy-duty, durable bookshelves.

tribesigns bookshelf

3. Do you keep only books or other personal items in your bookshelf?

If you only put books, choose open ones for easy access.

If you also put stationery, ornaments and other sundries, or there are items that need to be hidden, it is recommended to choose drawers or cabinets, which can satisfy both openness and closure.

4. Are you diligent enough?

If you are diligent and want to wipe the dust when you see it, buy an open bookshelf.

If you are lazy, you are most bothered by the dust on the bookshelf, and you do not clean it up in time, then choose a cabinet with a cabinet, which can effectively prevent dust and reduce labor.

5. Choose a bookshelf with strong bearing capacity and not easy to deform

The board and structure determine how much spiritual food the bookshelf can withstand.

Bookcases on the market are generally made of three materials: multi-layer board, particle board and MDF.

Solid wood multi-layer boards are like chocolate wafers, and several thin layers of wood are coated with glue and pressed.

Solid wood particle board is like melison, where the wood is broken up and glued back together.

MDF is similar to particle board, except that the wood is replaced by wood fibers and plant fibers.

The stability of solid wood multi-layer boards is relatively poor, and it will deform when used.

The interior of the MDF is a fiber structure, the strength is not so great, and the load-bearing capacity is average. It cannot be used as a cabinet, and generally can only be used as a cabinet door.

Therefore, the boards of general custom manufacturers are solid wood particle boards, which are more stable and more load-bearing.

6. Choose bookshelves that are easy to reach and easy to clean

In the beautiful pictures abroad, the bookshelves are always 5 meters high, climb ladders up and down, and open the whole bookcases, which is really good to see and suffocating.

But in real life, such a bookshelf pressure is not practical at all.

Read a book and climb up and down.

At most, I read 50 books a year, many of which are Kindles. In fact, I don’t need such a large bookcase at all.

In the north, a thick layer of ash fell on it, and when cleaning, it was almost suspicious of life, and the books in the south became moldy.

Bookshelves are not for looking good or being high-end, but for reading.

The bookshelves used by ordinary people have an open compartment, and put a few magazines, books, and picture books that we often read, and put the rest in the glass door.

Of course, the easiest way to clean a bookshelf is not to use a cabinet door, nor to use a vacuum cleaner, but to renovate it frequently.

7. Choose the right bookcase shape

Common bookcases on the market have a glyph, L-shape and U-shape. Families with a small study area are more suitable to buy a glyph-shaped bookcase. A family with a moderate area can choose an L-shaped bookcase, and a family with a larger area can choose a U-shaped bookcase.

8. Select the internal size as required

The height between the bookcase dividers determines the interior dimensions, and the divider spacing varies depending on the book size. The height between the partitions designed with 32-open books as the standard is 24-26 cm; the heights designed with 16-open books as the standard are mostly 28-30 cm; the general size of larger-sized books is 30-33 cm. Therefore, it is best to choose a bookcase with adjustable partitions.

9. Choose the material color according to the room style

When purchasing, it is necessary to consider personal preferences and the overall decoration style. Modern, simple, and pastoral style homes are suitable for light-colored wood, metal, and glass bookcases; European, American, retro, and Chinese-style homes can choose dark solid wood bookcases.

What are the styles of the Chinese bookshelf


The modern minimalist style wall bookshelf brightens life and is also beautiful. The white bookshelf with colorful books will be the most beautiful scenery in the room, and the decoration style is more delicious! How to install such a wall bookshelf? Now I will explain its installation method for us. When drilling holes with an electric drill, pay attention to a small amount of skew of the drill bit; knock the expanded screw tube into the newly drilled hole, and pay attention to the upper and lower parts of the hook.


The wall-mounted bookshelf is probably the simplest and most common type of wall bookshelf, and it is very convenient to use. The double rounded corner design of this wall-mounted wall bookshelf can effectively avoid the risk of bumps and bumps. The design is very close to each other. The so-called details determine success or failure. The high-quality baking varnish treatment makes the lacquer surface of the bookshelf as bright as a mirror, and it is enough to adjust the position.


First, use the wrought iron base to set the punching position on the wall and make a reasonable device for the symbol. Drill holes on the fixed point according to the size of the expansion screw, and the depth of the hole is 2mm deeper than the expansion screw; then install the expansion rubber particles in the drilled holes respectively, and then try to install the expansion screw. Inflate the large rubber particles to see if it is solid; does this wall bookshelf with European and American retro style make you feel very special?

Bookshelf use considerations

1, don't place in a wet environment

The bookshelf should not be placed in a humid dark environment, which will directly affect the service life. Most bookshelves are made of solid wood. For a long time, it is prone to moisture in a humid and dark environment, resulting in deformation damage. If it is iron, it is easy to rust, affecting aesthetics. Try to place it in a ventilated position.

2, don't expose for a long time

At the time of use, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, no matter what material, long-term exposure may result in fading, cracking, and even accelerate aging speed, affecting the service life. If the bookshelf is difficult to move, you can choose a suitable curtain to adjust the light, and you can also play a good decoration effect.

3, can not place the debris

In daily life, people will be placed directly on the bookshelf for their habits and convenience. In fact, this is not right. Excessive debris will affect both aesthetic effect or cause the bookshelf damage. At the same time, it should be noted that do not place the liquid on top, such as a glass to prevent the use of life.

4, pay attention to lightly

Pay attention to it in daily use, so as not to bump, damage the bookshelf structure and precious books. At the same time, the placement of the bookshelf should be stable to prevent the shock caused the object to fall, and an accident.

People also ask these questions

What is bookshelf used for?

A very narrow bookcase, or bookshelf, is a piece of furniture with horizontal shelves, often in a cabinet, used to store books or other printed materials.

What are the advantages of shelving?

Shelving not only helps you to organise things precisely but also provides ample space to store things in their appropriate place, right from books to other heavy industrial products. There are many different types of shelves available, like wood, plastic and metal shelves.

Are bookcases out of style?

Bookcases can be outdated, especially if not looked after, made of fast-furniture, and filled with other items rather than books. However, a stylish, modern bookcase made of solid wood and filled with volumes can still create an enjoyable atmosphere in your living room.

How do you dress a bookcase?

Lean art work along the back of the shelves, and anchor them with books or heavier objects. To decorate the brown bookshelf, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. Bulky vases or decorative plates can hide their heft behind small frames without losing their uniqueness.

The above is the sharing of knowledge about bookshelf, I hope it will help you.

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