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Lazy Sofa Beanbag Lovely Single Sofa Accent Chair Children's Sofa for Living Room

Color: Pink

Unique design: Frameless and hidden detachable zipper design, which can be used by pregnant women, babies and the elderly.

High quality material: Use the breathable and wear-resistant cotton and linen fabric, which is Healthy and comfortable. Filled with flowing particles, so that the shape can be changed freely, which can sit and lie down by people.

Great Utility: Perfect for bedroom, living room, study and other places as it is it is light and can be moved at will.

Overall Dimensions of Small :800mmL*800mmW*700mmH
Overall Dimensions of Large :900mmL*900mmW*800mmH
Estimated Delivery Days: 5 to 10 weeks.
The ETA is for reference only, it may be affected based on local conditions.