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1Easylife Placemats, 17" Woven PVC Heat and Cold Insulation for Dining Table Mats


Function: Put this on the dining table when you have a meal or the countertop in the kitchen when you take the hot utensil from the oven or microwave. It can insulate the heat or cold against the table, then protect the table top from heat and stain. Besides, it can also prevent the food stain and the water.
Material: The material is the mix of 70% PVC and 30% polyester. It would be more suitable than the pure polyester material. It will be more easier to clean than other material. You can wash this under the faucet or use the wet clothes wipe it.
Convenient: This dining table mats make it easy to clean the table after have a party or family dinner. It will save the clean time and help the cleaner join the next activity you are going to. It is practical to any home and any kitchen.
Size: The size of the placemats is L17.71 * W11.81 inches, set of 6. It is big enough for the plate, utensil, cup and etc on it. The 6 pics are also enough for a family usage. Each family member can have this utensil mat.
Attention: It needs keep away from the fire. It is no need to assemble or do anything before you use it. Just open the package and use it.