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February Closeout Sale: Save Up to 15% Off! Ends in
February Closeout Sale: Save Up to 15% Off!
Ends in
Tribesigns BlackFriday & CyberMonday Deals Guide - Tribesigns

Tribesigns BlackFriday & CyberMonday Deals Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon, and we believe many people are keeping their money and waiting for that day to come. Yes, everyone is excited, looking for their favorite items and comparing the discounts in multiple stores and websites. I know most people have been confused and bothered after comparing, so this article will help you get the most straightforward and complete understanding of what Tribesigns can bring you in this shopping carnival.


First of all, very excited to say. This time we have extended the Black Friday and Cyber Monday event to the whole of November, and the discounts will be the same throughout the month. You can buy with confidence, without worrying about whether there will be a bigger discount later, we guarantee that the discount offered this month is the biggest discount in the whole year.


1) Sitewide Discounts

2 discount codes are provided, applicable to all products on our site.

① 20% Off Orders over $150, Code: BFSALE20

② 25% Off Orders over $250, Code: BFSALE25

Simple, straightforward, all products, and without a bunch of annoying usage restrictions. The discounts we offer are only to really bring benefits to all customers.


2) Exclusive Offer to New Subscribers

Subscribe to us, spin the Wheel, and receive an email with an exclusive discount code(20% Off Orders over $100).

For customers who come to our website for the first time, maybe you just want to try Tribesigns products first and order a low-priced product. In this case, the site-wide discount may not apply, but this coupon could be helpful.


3) Rewards Program

Before 2 Tribes for every $1 spent

Now 6 Tribes for every $1 spent

Yes, tripled it, take advantage of this opportunity to earn more Tribes and save them for big coupons in the future.

Warm reminder, the reward program is entered from the icon at the bottom left of the website, please be sure to register for our reward program before placing an order. Tribes can be redeemed for coupons up to $50 or 20% Off! ! !


Frankly speaking, we know that the economic situation is getting more and more severe this year, and both companies and individuals are going through a difficult time. Therefore, starting in June, we have launched many promotions one after another, and the discounts have become more and more surprising. We very much hope that all people who come to Tribesigns to buy will be attracted by the price and satisfied with the quality. That's what we've been holding on to and what we've been doing.


When you place an order, you can choose whether you intend to review Tribesigns on Google. If so, you will receive an email from Google a few days after you receive the product. We will carefully review all feedback. When we see someone saying that they are surprised by the quality or the packaging of the product, we will feel the same happiness. When we see someone who is frustrated and received a product that is damaged or has a color difference, we feel guilty and constantly come up with improvements to our factory. When our old friends place their second and third orders, they will find that our product quality and packaging have improved. Yes, we have been solving the problems our customers encountered. In our eyes, customer satisfaction comes first. In addition, there is an exciting news, the phone service is finally here!!! We are honored to provide more convenient and faster after-sales service for you.


Finally, we honestly wish you could find your favorite items on Tribesigns and bring them home with the biggest discounts.

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